Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Two

I didn't sleep peacefully last night,
that scary scene kept replaying in my mind.

Made a date with Aiyann this morning at the SAM garden.
Cracked a rather lame joke.
Sped to college because didn't want to keep her waiting.
She was all alone :(
Luckily the great BONG turned up to accompany her.
Ran all the way from my parking spot to SAM garden.
Found em.
Sat there and chatted til 7.55am.
Left with heavy footstep.

He came and he did what he do best.
As usual, I'm numbed.

Not in the mood for a lengthy post today,
I am gonna just make it brief.
I didn't eat anything until lunchtime because wasn't feeling well.
My face hurts.
I was hallucinating already. Coffee time perhaps?

Classes as usual. Discussion of exam papers.
Couldn't really concerntrate, but friends kept me sane.
They kept reminding me that 'He's not worth it.'

Lik Ho sleeping

Chua, Jian Wen with Wee Wee

Joey Bang


Another side of Lai

Wee Wee sleeping and Mr Lai explaining something there.

In ECA Centre, I did something really stupid and Jian Wen filmed it.
Me doing something stupid

Something to ponder on..

Lah Lah Land? Why would anybody name their shop like that?

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