Tuesday, July 7, 2009


During our 3 hour break

Normy The Predator

Jian Wen The Victim

Normy : I am hungry! I want bubble tea! Wen Wen JOM JOM JOM JOM!
Jian Wen : Wait la let me finish my work first lah.

Normy couldn't concerntrate without bubble tea and an empty stomach, he continued disturbing Jian Wen.

Chronology of the event

He went up to Jian Wen


Lai :' I want also! WAHHHH *JUMP*'

Normy : I still want my bubble tea!!!
Jian Wen : Enjoy your cock la!!

In the end, Normy got his bubble tea and nasi lemak as breakfast.

At 12 noon, almost the whole class went Madam Joyce for lunch.

After class, there was a talk on UCAS application.

The Folder

The Talk
Please ignore Wee Wee's head

I feel so pressured :( when I think about UNIVERSITY.

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