Thursday, July 2, 2009

One fine day

People come, people go.
Time flies like nobody's business.
Therefore, treasure every moment.
Life is too precious to worry about unnecessary stuffs.
Just have fun and say whatever is on the mind.
Do whatever the mind tells.

Regret nothing

The most important is,
don't let people who don't matter, bring you down.

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It simply means that I've decided to see beyond the imperfections.
It's all just a matter of Yes or No.


Third day of college, as usual Econs lecturer's voice is deafening.
I'm getting used to it.
Did Thinking Skills Past Year Questions in ECA Centre with the guys.

Alan and Normy discussing Maths

Went to lunch with a different company today.
I went to KFC with the guys instead of the girls, Wee Wee and Chua.
Ah Bang didn't join us again :(

KFC is very far =.="
but I didn't feel it because was walking and chatting with the guys the whole time.
And before I knew it, we reached KFC.

In KFC, Normy enjoyed his food so much

When I was on the way back to class,
somebody shouted 'Jolyn!'
I looked back and Aiyann was there.
She looked damn cute lah,
but I was rushing so I just greeted her and ran to class :(

During Mathematics
Mr Lai : Do cat, f and donkey in exercise B.
Kuang : Cat f donkey.

Everyone : *laugh out loud*

Mr Lai : *sweat*

As usual, Kuang joked unexpectedly and it was really funny.
The lesson was spiced up.

After class, went to Yellow Room to look for Mrs. Ray with Wee Wee but she was not in.
Then, I left and went to Cafe 57 to do my work (:
Did a detour and pumped oil on the way.

My Macadamia Cappucino Blended

Adios amigos people (:

Thank you Aiyann, Sue, Bong, Joey, Jian Wen, Normy and Lai for you-know-what,
I don't need to say much :)

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