Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ish, today backache like don't-know-what.
Nonetheless, today was eventful, I was able to forget the backache for a while :)
Pictures shall do the talking now.

This is..
Wee Wee and his flawless skin

Today was a cold day, Wee Wee gave me his jacket :)

Look at Wee Wee's goosebumps
Thanks Wee

I present you with the series of events which happen next.

Skinny Soon series of Gayness





Can't let Wen Wen steal all the limelight right?
I present you with a lil bit of Lai :)

See what Lai was doing with the aircond

Lunchtime was eventful

Venue : Subway :)

Ate with our mentor, Mr Peter.

Queue-ing Up

Personalizing their subs

Bon Appetite WITH The Gang!

Then I present you Selva & his 'everything mix together' Subs

'Jolyn, can I eat yet? I want to eat my food!'


Wen Wen and Me :)

You're welcome, love.
The phone is just a small favour of mine.
Thanks for being there for me when I needed ears.

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