Sunday, March 28, 2010


Stepping on to the plank
With thoughts all but blank
Tears flooding your eyes
You can hear the angels cry

You watch your steps as they shorten.
You visual your breath against the air as you can see the fog against the sea
The waves crashing at your side
You’re at the edge and you don't know what to do.

Your body shaking, your time is running scarce.
One last breath.
One last thought.
Your scream breaks the silence.

The Sea rests in peace as the Angels scream in fright.
Dawn breaks through the night.
A new day that will break the struggles and fights.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Destress crap tag

Dear Jian Wen,

I don't really know how to tell you this,I’m joining the Convent. I think I realized it when we skinny dipped in the bathtub in a clown suit and I saw you sit on my boyfriend. I'm sure you're masochistic enough to understand that you need a sex-change. I'm returning your cut toenails to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I will not tell the authorities that you stole the whale from the backyard and you should stop picking your nose.

Go drown yourself,

Here's how you do it:

Dear (someone you recently talked to),

I don't really know how to tell you this,(1). I think I realized it (2)(3) and I saw you (4)(5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning your (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).


1) What's the color of your shirt?
Blue - I'm in love with your cat
Red - Our affair is over
White - I’m joining the Convent
Black -Our romance is over
Green- Our socks don't match
Grey - You're a leprechaun
Yellow - I'm selling myself for candy
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - Purple hedgehogs want to destroy you
Other -I dislike your eyelashes

2) Which is your birth month?
January - That night you picked your nose
February -When I quoted Forrest Gump
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on peanut butter
May - When I threw up in your sock drawer
June - When you put cuffs on me
July – When I saw the purple monkey
August - When you smacked my ass
September - Last year when you peed your pants
October - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
November - When your dog humped my leg
December - When I finally changed my underwear

3) Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
Chicken- In your car
Pasta - Outside of your office
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad – As you were eating Kraft Dinner
Lasagna - In your closet
Kebab - With Jean Chrétien
Fish - In a clown suit
Sandwiches - At the Elton John concert
Pizza - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a street light
Annat- With George Bush and Stephen Harper

4) What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Ignore
Red - Put whipped cream on
Black - Hit on
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - bit of
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the pants off of
Barefoot - Sit on
Other - Drive over

5) What's the color of your underwear?
Black - My boyfriend
White - My father
Grey – The Catholic Priest
Brown – The Montreal Canadian’s goalie
Purple - My corned beef hash
Red – My knee caps
Blue - My salt-beef bucket
Yellow - My illegitimate child in Ghana
Orange - My Blink 182 cd
Pink – Your ‘My Little Pony’ collection
Other --The elephant in the corner

6) What do you prefer to watch on TV?
One Tree Hill - Senile
Heroes- Frostbitten
Lost - High
Simpsons- Cowardly
The news - Scarred
American Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - Open
Top Model - Middle-class
Annat -shamed

7) Your mood right now?
Happy - How awful you are
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That I get turned on only by garbage men
Angry - That your smell makes me vomit
Depressed – That we’re related
Excited - That I may pee my pants
Nervous - The middle-east is planning their revenge on you
Worried - That your Ford sucks
Apathetic - That you need a sex-change
Silly - That I'm allergic to your earlobes
Cuddly - That Santa doesn't exist
Ashamed - That there is no solution to you being a dumb kid
Other - That your driving sucks

8) What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your toe ring
Yellow - Your love letters to me
Red - The pictures from Vegas
Black - Your pet rock
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - Your car
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your nose hair clippers
Grey - Our matching snoopy underwear
Purple - Your old New Kids on the Block blanket
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your Hannah Montana underwear

9) The first letter of your first name?
A/B - My virginity
C/D - Your photo with the moustache drawn on it
E/F - Your neighbors dog
G/H - The oil tank from your car
I/J - Your left ear
K/L - The results of that blood-sample
M/N - Your glass eye
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X – Your sucide note
Y/Z - Your credit cards

10) The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Love your sweet, sweet ass
C/D - Always will remember the pep talks
E/F -Never will forget that night
G/H – Will not tell the authorites that you stole the whale from the backyard.
I/J – Mocked you behind your back constantly
K/L - Hate your cooking
M/N - Told in my confession today about the moose poaching
O/P - Told my psychiatrist about the bruises
Q/R - Always wanted to break your legs
S/T - Get sick when I think of your feet
U/V - Will try to forget that you broke my heart
W/X - Haven’t showered in a month
Y/Z – am better off without you

11) What do you prefer to drink?
Wine- Our friendship is ruined
Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon
Soda – I will haunt you when I’m reincarnated as an Eskimo
Milk - The apartment building is on fire
Water – I'm scratching my butt as you read this
Cider– I have a passionate interest for mice
Juice – You ruined my attempts at another world war
Mineral/Vitamin water – You should get that embarrassing rash checked
Hot chocolate – Your Cucumber-fetishism is weird
Whiskey - I love Oprah Winfrey
Beer – Thanks for the Cocaine
Other – you should stop picking your nose

12) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand – Warm tingly sensations
Australia - Best of luck on the sex change
France - Love always
Spain - With tears of sadness
China – You make me sick
Germany – Please don’t hurt me
Japan - Go milk a cow
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
USA - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt – Kiss my butt
England - Go drown yourself.

Whoever is reading my blog and going through stress,
you're tagged :)!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Many Faces of J&J

This is one of the many faces of J&J.

Oh well, I realised I really talk a lot today.
Haven't been talking that much lately.

Decided to not skip so many classes after MIA for a few days to go home to study.
Reached college early today.
Went to the library to borrow book.
No kaki =(, sien.
Then got to know that Jyan and gang in cafe, so I went to join them.
Saw Jyan, June, Jajabings and Jelly-o.
Jajabings sprained his arm, God bless him :(
June was wrapping his arms, it reminds me of my granny making rice dumpling HEHE.
Somehow, we got to the part where Jyan was singing and I was doing the 'wave'.
Even people from The Web started looking at our tables.
I just kept waving lol.
Now, 'Do You Remember' is stucked in my head lol!

Waited for Jyan in class with Joey hardcoring on his Mechanics.
Poor fella, he lost weight again :(
Had a sushi date @Ichiban Boshi with Jyan.
Later, we went Coffee Bean and Tong Kee to tapao things for family.
Awesome free food for the two of us xD
and also the company (:

The awesome woman x)

It felt good knowing that we made each other's day
and also helped each other to destress.
Hope we will both do well for trials (:
Gambateh, woman.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catch me when I fall

Trials make ones zombie-like, blur, frequent eye ache and unable to control voluntary responses.

For example:
1. took house key instead of Smart Tag while passing through the toll.
2. use the house key to unlock the door from the wrong side.

Hell yeah, still camwhore despite eye ache, who cares?

Work make ones unreasonable and angry. (Not me)

For example:

Scenario : Person X has been invading the parking spaces in front of my house for quite some time. Evidence? See, the car is covered with dried leaves. Missing car plate.

Something from the woman n years ago.
This is very much appreciated as I totally love Kaya in whatever form :)


Must focus on achieving it,
I must.

Even Apple doesn't know who its iPad is for

IT'S OBVIOUS who the early buyers of the iPad will be: the fanboys and early adopters who just have to have the latest Apple toy. Pre-orders for the iPad have been open for a week, and already people are trying to work out how many have been sold so far. Daniel Tello, for example, has analysed order-tracking numbers from the Apple store and concluded that around 190,000 iPads were pre-ordered in the first week. But that doesn't reveal anything about who will buy the iPad later on, or how they will use it. Indeed, it seems Apple itself is unsure of the answer, and is hedging its bets.

Is the iPad aimed at road warriors, who will use it in place of a MacBook or other laptop? That's the implication of the iWork suite, which positions the iPad as a device you can do useful work on and consists of fully functional apps, not cut-down companion apps. But road warriors also want grown-up features like multitasking and cameras for videoconferencing, neither of which are present. Perhaps that is to keep the price down to make the iPad more attractive to a broader audience, who might just want a media-playback device with the ability to do a bit of e-mail, browsing and Facebook -- a bigger iPod touch, in other words.

A third, more ambitious possibility is that the iPad is Apple's latest version of a "computer for the rest of us" just as the Macintosh was 26 years ago. The iPad's simple, touch-based interace could appeal to people who find existing computers too complex, or people buying a computer for the first time in the developing world. As an interesting post on Ultimi Barbarorum observes, Apple's plan to open lots of shops in China points in this direction.

But it's far from clear what will happen. Previous tablets (such as Apple's Newton, and Microsoft's Tablet PCs) aimed at business users have failed. Tablets only took off when they became media devices aimed at consumers, like the iPod touch and competing media players, and the Kindle and its many e-reader imitators. If the road warriors do embrace the iPad, multi-tasking and cameras can easily be added to future versions. But they are a smaller demographic than iPhone/iPod touch users, so it may be that keeping things cheap and simple to appear to a broader market makes more sense.

The biggest prize of all would be to create a new class of computer -- which was, of course, the original goal of the Macintosh. With its windows and icons, the Mac replaced command-line computing with an easier-to-use alternative, and paved the way for the mass adoption of PCs. But the original Mac now looks complicated next to the simple, touch-driven interfaces of the iPhone or iPod Touch. They don't even have a file system that is visible to the user, which is one of the main things about modern computers, including Macs, that novices find confusing. (John Gruber has an excellent analogy for the iPad versus the Mac: he says it's like automatic verse manual transmission in a car.) Sceptics will scoff that the iPad looks like a toy, not a "real" computer, and that it can't do everything. But that was what people said about the Mac.

Who ends up adopting the iPad doesn't just depend on which features Apple includes and which users buy it. It also depends on the app developers. (Apple has just started accepting iPad apps for approval.) There are clearly going to be a lot of games for the iPad, but will the productivity software be aimed to power users or novices? Will geeks buy an iPad for themselves, or will they buy one to put granny on Facebook? The answers will start to become apparent over the coming months. But at the moment, nobody knows who the iPad is for -- not even Apple.

Mar 22nd 2010, 18:57 taken from The Economist

I still dream for an iPad :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Just came back from the TMC.
Was there for quite some time.
A relative of mine is very sick, had to be admitted back into UH.

Flashbacks of what happened kept haunting my mind.
Parents are still in UH.

I hope what happened to him will give my dad a wake up call.
I really hope so.
Nobody can convince nobody.
Actions speak louder than words.
Let actions do the talking.
I'm grumbling over here again, ignore me people.
Hate grumbling, why am I so annoying?
Must not grumble, snap out of it.
Don't ask me why, because I don't know.

All I know is that,
what I saw today was depressing.

Can't let these affect me.
God, thank you from keeping me from falling.
I need strength from You.
Must focus to achieve my goal.
Must focus.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

黄昏 ♥










Oh, I've missed dusk :)
Shyu Fei don't get too excited ya :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need a hug

I could really use a hug now.
If that's all it takes.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I officially hate my maid.

I can't find a reason not to hate people who have ears that do not listen. i.e MY MAID.
Yes, maid of Toh's Residence.

For an instance, yesterday SHE STOLE MY F**KING FUJI APPLE.
you must be thinking, apple only ma never mind la, buy again.
Well if you think like that, I don't blame you because you don't know me enough.
Apple is like my source of energy, I must have ONE everyday.

Ok, never mind it's already down her stomach, no point getting worked up.
so, being a NICE person, I forgave her.

Whatever wrong things she did in the past, I've always covered it up for her.
WHY? Because I don't want to hear my mum yelling here and there, and then telling me she gonna die coz of the stupid maid, KEK SEI her.

So wells, I forgave her for eating my food.
and then, this morning.
My HONOURABLE maid forgotten that she was cooking.
The stove was on maximum, and the fire was blazing.
The smell of overcooked food was so overwhelming that I could smell it from the entrance of my house.

She's INSIDE her f**king room looking at her f**king mirror, admiring her own face.

This ain't no first time, I can remember it clearly, I've covered it up for her for 3 times, so this is the fifth time! The fourth time my brother covered it for her.

I really beh tahan and I told my mum.
As usual, my maid got yelled at and scolded.
I think she pretty much hate me a lot now.
From now on, I'll have to becareful with her.
Not that I'm scared of what, but oh well it's a WAR between us now.

I mean if she really seek death so much, she should die in her hometown, not in my house.
I don't f**king want her to die in my humble home.
What if one day I went off to college, and I came home only to find that there's no more home?
My home has been burnt down due to explosion, and my maid died.
I seriously do not want that to happen.

Saturday, March 13, 2010









P.S 亲人是永远不会离弃你的 :)

Fawesome Day

Despite having a pretty fcuked up week, today was a great day (:

The J's Club went to watch Alice 3D @Curve.

Clockwise from top : Jess, Jyan, June and Jo(me)


The rest went IKEA for meatballs and DAIM cake :((((
while I left for NUTS =.="
*sigh*, never mind =)
Learn to be contented with what you have ^^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow

How the days stretched out - each one the same as the one before, and they would continue to do so, tediously, until the end of history. And every day we have lived has been the last day of some other fool's life, each day a dot of candle-light showing him the way to his death-bed. Blow the short candle out: life was no more than a walking shadow - a poor actor - who goes through all the emotions in one hour on the stage and then bows out. It was a story told by an idiot, full of noise and passion, but meaningless.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Authentic conversation =D

sean says:
What's the answer?!
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
Private and Confidential =P
sean says:
I want to knowww
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
answer to what?
sean says:
It says you found the answer
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
yes i found the answer =C
i found ti
sean says:
What what whattttttt
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
i found ittt!!!
sean says:
What is it??
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
this is it!
sean says:
What is this?
•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:
it is this!

P.S He still doesn't have a clue what is it.


I had this dream where my life was totally f**ked up,
great it just felt so real.
Physics is the root of the dream.

There are so many questions I want to ask,
so many things I need to know,
but I really don't know how to express myself.
It's like I'm totally lost for words,
I've turned into an emotionless person.

How to live everyday to the fullest when you have so many things uncompleted?
and so many tasks to fulfil.
and yet I'M HERE RANTING, I should be completing those tasks!
Oh, give me a break.
Why can't I have a bionic memory?
Why can't I have 48 hours a day?
Why can't I just express myself openly?

Great great great, this is another post filled with rants.
Don't read if you're in a happy mood, don't let me ruin your day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Need You Now

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor
Reachin for the phone cause I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever crossed your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothin at all

It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need you now
And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now

I just need you now

Ooo, baby, I need you now

Thanks Jo for the blogging inspiration lol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

They tend to have ears that do not listen.
That's really suffocating.
Leave me out of your fantasy world please.
So sick of this.
God, just let me sleep and never wake up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So... this.. is PE1 huh.



手链 - 执子之手与子偕老。
项链 - 象征牢牢把他栓住,栓住他的心。
水晶 - 水晶是坚贞不屈,纯洁善良的象征。不同颜色水晶所代表不同的含义。最流行的无色水晶,代表纯洁、无私。
手表 - 送手表,代表他珍惜与你相处的每分每秒 。
毛绒熊 - 可能是纯洁的友谊,也可能是讨欢心。

所以呢,礼物不可以乱送 :D

P.S What I said above are just my opinion ^.^\/

Tuesday, March 2, 2010







Monday, March 1, 2010




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