Saturday, July 18, 2009


before Pyramid

Wee Wee caught red handed with bubble tea

In my car

They sat sooo still.

Especially Bong.

This was my dinner.

in Subang Parade

My Mocha and Wen Wen's Ultimate

'Why is she wearing sunglasses indoor?'

I went to Subang Parade to study with Bang and Skinny S.
Subang Parade changed a lot.
Because the last time I went there was 12 years ago.
We studied together in Coffee Bean.
I parked my car directly opposite only.
But it was a non-parking zone.
So I got a RM80 saman =.="

Today I felt better because of these two sorlous.
Thanks a lot guys :)

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ChristineChee said...

i love tiramisu bubble tea :D

haha so cham kena saman... 1 of the reasons why i hate 2 drive... next time bring me 2 subang parade, i've never been dere b4!

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