Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poem of Bragi

There was an emptiness in me,
I was imprisoned by the thought of loneliness,
With one honest touch you set me free,
You spent your precious time with me,
You made me laugh and made me cry,
These memories will never be forgotten.

I know they say if you love somebody,
You should set them free,
I know even if I leave you now,
You won't shed tears for me,
Because you're not the person you used to be,
The one who wanted me for who I am.

And so I'm letting go of everything we were,
It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt me,
But at least I know it won't hurt you,
I am giving you a chance,
To live your life and,
Be able to spark flames with your loved one again.

I tried to give the best in me,
But I couldn't give you what you need,
For your and I are going seperate ways now,
And so I know it's time for me to be fair and let go,
It's over and let's face it,
All that's happening here is the long goodbye.

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