Friday, October 30, 2009

I ♥ Living Life, I'm Happy.

P.S so touching that I would not be depressed anymore :), see you tomorrow GEK!



1. feel so annoyed all the time.
2. feel so alone.
3. feel so unhealthy because of all the junks i consumed.
4. miss my friends.
5. miss going for movies with my kakis.
6. dislike not being able to hang around gossiping with my darlings.
7. dislike non college days.
8. dislike being afraid of the future.
9. dislike not being able to cheer up.
10. dislike being uptight.
11. dislike exam.
12. dislike those who build their happiness on other people's sorrow.
13. dislike hugging books.
14. dislike forcing econs' data into my brain.
15. dislike granny being sick.
16. dislike mama being stubborn and cancel her gyne appointment.
17. dislike dada being anxious all the time.
18. dislike talking to blur people and insensitive people.
19. dislike getting confused.
20. dislike fuckers trying to push my sexy car, WAIT AWHILE won't DIE LAH!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sexy sexy sexy!!
Yes my HOT BLACK car is back in SEXY WHITE!
After 2 weeks of seperation, we are finally reunited!

P.S thanks dada for the wonderful birthday present! Tho it's a bit late :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper

This show is about a test tube baby a.k.a Anna sue-ing her mother for making her a donor for her very-ill sister.

Spoilers ahead!
Anna went to look for a lawyer to sue her mum who is also a lawyer.
As stubborn as her mum a.k.a Sara is, Sara went to the court to defend her case.
Well, actually it isn't Anna who doesn't want to be a donor anymore.
It's just that her ill sister is tired of being sick.
So she wanted to die.

I think this is a kinda old movie.
Um, overall the show is just average BUT touching :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today was omgwtfbbq
Seriously, I need some memory-altering drugs to erase the unpleasant part of Tks 22.

Migi and Dal sam, go hell.
and whatever ZIP or Propolonol(not sure of the spelling), I WANT SOME!
Oh and, for the first time, I <3 Obama more than my shitty Tks 22 paper.
I think I kinda bull the whole paper.
Well maybe just the last question.

Seriously, time was not enough!
If only a day can have forty eight hours, then tks 2 can have 3 three hours.
i would be able to finish the evaluation part of question three.
Obama, Obama, Obama.

I ran away from nbs watermelon.
It rolled towards me and i ran to the opposite side.
It rolled from east to west which was where i stood.
I ran from west to further west.
nbs watermelon changed colour.
from red to black.
I just couldn't care less about its emotion.
I needed time out.
I needed silence.

and I'm never driving car without P.
It's so eff-ing scary.
I mean biker bang you and says that it's your fault.
You park where you always park and follow everyone else's pattern,
you but everyone else got a fine.
a beautiful fine.
ah nobody cares.
I am getting my car back.
tomorrow or day after tomorrow perhaps?

I need time out.
I want movies.
I want outings.

Can't wait for 20th, 21st, 22nd and 27th of November!


ok where was i?
gosh, i am blogging half way and my mum yelled for me.
she made me drink some burned amulet in water.
and then she took the amulet and brushed my face a few times.
now she gonna pour salts in my room.
what's next :-/

Monday, October 26, 2009


Came out from college at 2.54pm.

Saw a yellow lotus opposite my *cough* vios *cough*

If I were to describe today's luck in three words, it would be

LIFE -_-'

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stressful much?

Bake some muffins.

Practice Yoga.

They help destress.

Saturday, October 24, 2009




I'm sure all PS3 lovers would have heard or read reviews bout this game called 'Eyepet'.
Basically you insert the cd,
and then the pet will come out,
of course VIRTUAL and then you can touch it rear it stuff like that.
Err not my cup of tea.
I don't game after all.

Just now my brother and I went to visit a friend and the friend was intro-ing this stuff to me.
LOL, But no I ain't wasting my time on rearing a virtual pet :)
Signing out, adios!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Supposed to go for 10am appoinment at Sunway Medical Centre(SMC) with mum.
Received a phone call around 9.55am.
Which was after I parked my car nicely in the neighbourhood area and was running towards mum's car because we were about to be late.

Nurse : Um, Doctor X is not coming in until 12 today.
Mum : WHAT? So this is what you call efficiency. Why are you people so inefficient? Aren't you supposed to call the patients if there is any changes like a day or two before? Oh well, at least few hours before? My appoinment is 10am and you call me at 10am. What is this?
Nurse : Um, errr, um...
Mum : Never mind, what's next week schedule?
Nurse : bla bla... Friday 9am doctor would be in.
Mum : Ok, PLEASE slot me in on 10am next Friday PLEASE? OK THANKS?!
Nurse : um okay.

Anyone would no doubt say that, Subang Jaya Medical Centre(SJMC) is better than SMC.
I mean DUH, of course SJMC is better.
But if the doctor don't go to SJMC, what's the point?
SMC is like the nearest medical centre he has a clinic in.
What choice do we patients have?
SMC, please improve your service PLEASE.
Ok, I should be studying now in library instead of ranting here.
But still, pity mummy early morning already have fire inside her tummy =.="
I mean normally she only takes HOT coffee.
But, she ordered ICED coffee just now, while accompanying me for breakfast.
People, please don't go to SMC if you have a choice.
Think 2,3,4,5.. times before going SMC.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We did this before TKS 12
I think it's only view-able if you have Facebook.

A video from long long ago regarding Normy


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Bam. Damn semangat drove my brother's Vios to college early in the morning today.
Got a nice parking right in front Coffee Cabana at 7.20am ^^.
Wen Wen and Lala teman-ed me go Old Town have my indulgence ^^.
Sat there for a while til 8 and we went to library =)
Studied for a while then Likky came to join us.
A while more, Eugene came.
I saw Ai Yan. Gosh, damn long didn't see her sial.
Padahal one week one paper ne, of course la =.=.
mm, we went Silva for lunch.
I was on a Sense food diet, I only see and hear food.
But then stomach growled. So I went for waffle ^^.

Study ^^

When the studies seem to be like never ending, and you were with 4-5 guys.
You started doing crazy things.
E.g Camwhore and videos.
Sweat =.="


Wen Wen teasing me again

Burn the TKS papers :)

Super Lai



He stole my jacket when I went to the toilet :(

Normylicious is stretching my jacket =.=

The Incredible ASS

Lalalicious did it too.

Unusually baggy NOT.

Wen Wen Signature SS Pose

Super SS

The guys did stupid things and I was made to do one thing that I have never did before.
Still can't believe I actually did =.="
Never mind lol.
Ok well, TKS 12 was idk how to say la.
Lots of funny questions.
And I better not comment.
Very bad luck.
As for C18-C20?
The room was warm =.=".
Idk lah, I think it's caused by the lecturer with scary stare and also we stood outside for quite long before entering.
My jacket super 'keep warm'
I was practically sweating >.<

Someone forgotten to pass me something today.
Well, it's ok lol.

P.S Wish me luck for the police station visit tomorrow.
P.P.S Hospital visit day after tomorrow :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ah, Thinking Skills Paper 1 is tomorrow.

As I'm sitting here and looking through the questions I got wrong, I also thought about the nightmares I had the night before.
Two different car accidents.
Epic and disastrous.
I really shouldn't think too much.

P.S No more reckless driving. RAWR.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ever wonder what a person does when she is car-less and bored of Thinking Skills?

'Kes Makan Habis Tarak Kerja'

I present you with Cake Number Three.
* Deng Deng Deng Deng!*

Pandan :)

adios amigos people.
pardon the messy hair, it was a styling failure :(

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue Meets Magenta


Take One

Take Two

Min and I :)

P.S my second cake :)

MochaCino <3

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Legal :)

Oh uh, ya happy LEGAL to me.
Swt, where got people wish themselves one? SS?!


Ok, the sexiest birthday SMS I received :P

Also, thanks to all those who wished me through all types of medium.
And thanks to TERRY who called all the way from UK.
Thank you for the CHEAP phone call :)
And u have 'Fantastic' voice at singing :P

Pre-Exam+Birthday Dinner @ 14 October 2009


Eggs, Fried Chicken, Cucumber, Fried Fish

Sambal Squid + Prawn, Fried Chicken, Fried Fish and Sambal Anchovies


Peanuts and Anchovies

So today started off with me hopping in the car with brother.
Coz, oh well I'm car-less now FYI.
So I reached college around 10 and went to class.
We played Chor Dai Dee for a while and I succeeded in dragging two impossible people + 2 others to Old Town from brunch with me :D

After Old Town, went back to college.
I saw Ai Yan and gang in Pappa.
Went to hug her and chit chat a bit :).
Then class, then GAL.
Gosh, again I saw Ai Yan from above.
Was stalking her :P
Ok close eyes open eyes 3pm then I stayed back.

The whole class went to Bakers Cottage to celebrate my birthday.
And Mr Lai came too!
I get to choose my cake!
American Chocolate! Yes that's the one, kept me surviving night after night!

@Bakers Cottage

The writing on my cake says 'Skinny Toh Rocks!!' SWT!
I know can't see lah

PE1 Guys :)

Fantastic Four LOL

Mr Lai a.k.a Maths Lecturer

We ate the cake and talked for a bit.
Before I knew it, Normy and gang came back with Bubble Tea.
They got me my favourite too!
Cappucino Ice Blended <3
Thanks GUYS! And thank you all for everything.
Thank you Mr Lai for coming ^^

Had dinner at the Not-So-Wonderful-So-Better-Not-Mention place with parents.
My pathetic salmon steak with a few soggy fries and garden 'FRESH' salad.

Oh well, can't wait for this Saturday dinner with the whole family :).
We're going for seafood ^^.

Good Luck for AS people ^^!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last day of my 17th year

So my car's a total wreck, and I had to go in and out of police station.
And today is the last day of my 17th year, then the morning was spent in a police station.
Faced with a police officer who knew Cantonese, and my mum just kept complaining bout him even though I kept on 'shh' her.

Oh well, life goes on, and LOVE matters.
We all still have to eat.

Ju Hu Char

Tau Yu Bak

Thai Style Steamed Fish Head

Mum preparing Tau Yu Bak

Thank you people, for all your concern.
Really appreciate it.
I'm fine, just injured a bit near my right feet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Attention 0901PE1-ians :)

And so there was two hours of Physics classes today!
It's been decided!

Venue : Toh's Residence
Date : 21/11/2009 (Saturday)
Time : Night until you-guys-decide :)
Food : BBQ + Nasi Lemak

I will draw a map to my house and email it to you 0901PE1-ians :).
Along with my house address of course.
And on that day itself, you guys just have to bring yourself.
No gift, no money, no food :).
It's the Toh's treat :)

Cheers, and GOOD LUCK FOR AS!

Friday, October 9, 2009

To dearest 0901PE1-ians

Finals are coming, everyone is busy studying.

To make things short, there will be a party exclusively for 0901PE1 students only on one of the date in between the 16th of November to 20th of November in the Toh's Residence.

Why party? I also don't know.
Just to celebrate the end of AS finals.

Food haven't decide yet.
Gonna let majority vote.
SO guys please kindly leave a comment in my chatbox or here to tell me which option you choose.

Type of Food:

1. Lok Lok Car
Will book a Lok Lok lorry to stop in front my house so all you big eaters can eat all you want.

2. Nasi Lemak
Like I mentioned, my mum's nasi lemak is the only nasi lemak I eat. So yeah, think about it.

3. BBQ
All the equipments are idling in my house storeroom.

Gambateh studying PE1-ians ^^!

P.S Please remember to drop a comment and tell me your choice out of the three as mentioned above or any other suggestions
(date and food etc.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Flat Tyre

A wonderful day started off with a flat tyre.

Where did I get it?
Near the Subang toll plaza.

What did I do?
I continued driving at 40-60 km/h all the way to SS15 and parked my car in front of AC.

When I was driving slowly, bikers and drivers were pointing at my tyre and trying to warn me.
I appreciated their concern but I ain't blind right.
I just nodded to let them know that I realized my tyre was flat.
A flat tyre smelled like SHIT.
And I thought the car was gonna blow up any time if I continued driving it.

After I parked my car, I phoned dada's phone thrice.
He never pick up, assuming he's in the toilet doing business, I phoned mama.
Mama picked up on second ring.
Told her the whole thing, and dada and mama were gonna get the mechanic to come over.
Mechanic was gonna come over at 10am after my Physics class.
However, communicating through SMSes, it was decided that my second brother, Junior was gonna rescue me at 12noon.
It means I will be stuck in college for another two hours or more.

Only when something unpleasant befall us, will we realize who's willing to give a helping hand.
Lai and Alan offered to help me change the tyre.
At first, I was really paiseh because I thought changing tyre required lots of energy and it's a dirty job.
I have no other option because I didn't want to wait in college.
So the two guys and I went to my car after Physics.

Two kind hearted homosapiens helping to change the tyre

They said, changing tyre was supposed to be an easy task.
However, the tyre was in a bad state.
The rim had gone out of shape, and one of the four bolts has been crushed.
And, that was the only bolt they couldn't get it out no matter how hard they tried.
I sorta think they injured their feet trying to jump on the spanar.
Then, I spotted Normy.

I asked for Normy's help to try and get the last bolt out.
Even when he put his whole body weight on the spanar, the bolt still refused to give in.
It remained where it was, stationary.
Giving up, the guys helped me to keep the stuffs back to their original places and they went to wash their hands in AC.
Normy went to ECA centre after that whereas Lai and Alan accompanied me to the car workshop near TBS.
For outstation job, the guy charged me RM40.
I know that they were sucking my blood, but I just wanted everything to be over so that I can head home and study.
I paid the guy and then walked back to AC for lunch with Lai and Alan while waiting for another guy called 33, sent by the car workshop.
The guy came and fixed the tyre for me.
By then it was already almost 12.
More than 1.5 hour has gone just like that.
Dada, mama and my brothers were spamming my phone simultaneously.
I was getting really tired already.
Dada told me to drive the car to his office so that he would fix everything for me.
That's because my spare tyre is a lousy ones.
I ain't gonna risk my life on it anymore.
Drove all the way to Sg. Buloh and dumped my car there.
Then, I went home using Vios.

Lesson learned:

Treasure your car, and listen to your six hours lecture.


Have a few good friends who will be there with you.

I am Twitter-free :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Let's go!

Wen Wen and I

On the way

This reminds them of Likky apparently =.="

Big Apple for Normy

We Have Arrived!


The Land Of Fun-tasy



FullHouse only opens at 12 noon so we decided to have lunch in Carl's Jr.

At Sunway

Lai =.="

Tak habis-habis

At Carl's Jr.

Queue up.

The very awesome FRIES!


Normy and Wen Wen

Kwang and I


Normy : YUM!



Then, Kong Woh Tong for dessert!

Normy had the it with sugar and I had sugar-free one :)

Lai made fun of Axian >.<

Time to go back to college.

Overall, today was a hectic and tiring day.
Finals is taking its toll on all of us.
Nonetheless, it was fun thanks to our three hours break.
Really priceless moment.
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