Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prelude to Semester TWO

I can't believe I read horoscope this morning =.="
Dear Jolyn,
Here is your horoscope for
Tuesday, June 30:
You're approaching a time of change, so pay attention. Remember, too -- a lot of those changes are happening quietly and others may be oblivious. Still waters run deep. Look inside yourself and see what's happening!

Got up way before 5.55am which is when I usually wake up because of my insomnia again.
Gah, then I got ready and I'm out of the house by 6.55am.
Traffic wasn't heavy at all.
I reached my usual parking spot around 7.10am.

I realized I got not enough coins.
Old Town Kopitiam was right in front of me.

The Counter

I went into Old Town Kopitiam.
I bought a cup of coffee and asked the aunty POLITELY to give me RM4 coins when she returns me the change.

She started telling me her grandmother and grandfather stories =.=".

I was like 'okok, how much are you willing to give me then?'
She gave me RM2.70.
Well, that was sufficient to park til my break time.

I walked to college and I met Aaron along the way.
He couldn't have greeted me in a better way.

Aaron : Jolyn, trials is coming!
Me : *dumbfounded*

My bag was filled with nothing but Maths materials and CHOCOLATES from Langkawi.
Ya, I didn't forget my friends at PE1 (:

I gave the guys J.Daniels Chocolates and the girls Toblerone.
Well, except for Nabhan, Joey and Chua.
They got Toblerone instead because I ran out of J.Daniels :/
Jun Yit didn't get any because I was short of one ):
I gave the chocolate to Mr. Lai.

The new Econs lecturer is nice (:
I'm so relieved!
Well, before I knew it, it's 10am already which marked the start of my 3 hours break.
I went to pay my Semester 2 fees and headed to ECA centre with my kakis.
I really had fun chatting with the guys.
Then I realized it's 11 already.
It's time to buy parking ticket again.
Under the hot sun, I walked towards my car and I started putting coins which I got from my purse, Lai and Jian Wen.

My lab rat demonstrating how to eat J.Daniels chocolate :D

Guess what happens next?

I forgotten my car keys.

I didn't stomp my feet or curse because that is not what Jolyn would do.
I stoned in front of my car for 3 minutes and I walked all the way back to ECA centre again to get my keys.

In ECA Centre
Me : Crap, I forgot my keys =.="
Norman, Lai, Jian Wen, Alan : *laugh* how could you?

I 'happily' got my keys and repeat the procedure again.
I was back in ECA centre around 11.20am.

Almost the whole class went for chicken rice during lunch break.


Well, it's the people you are going with that matters (:

Table ONE

Table TWO
Please ignore my bag =.="

Shasha! :D

Oh, I've missed the good old times when we would all go for lunch together.
I was practically wearing my hoodie the whole time to shade myself from the sun :(
My face is getting worse and that stupid flu is annoying me =.="
It's not H1N1.

Then, it's Thinking Skills time.
I raced back to my class because I had an 'unforgetable' experience with my new Thinking Skills lecturer.
I didn't want to further worsen our teacher-student relationship.

The Experience
It started during the Maths paper of semester ONE exam. I tried to hide my iPhone in my pocket and failed. The phone was bulging out of my pocket and the invigilator found out. The invigilator took 20minutes to warn the whole room of PEOPLE. AND, the invigilator is my new Thinking Skills lecturer.

Again, the lecturer wore her signature shoes which we all thought was a Fashion no-no.

Boy's Slippers

Looked beyond all that,
she turned out to be REALLY GOOD in the subject
and she is just the right person in replacing Mrs. Brooke.
I think I will enjoy her classes for the remaining months in Taylor's.

*SIGH* I miss Mrs. Brooke ):
Why did she resign with IMMEDIATE EFFECT??
I hope Mr. Chan a.k.a Sherlock Holmes Reborn will find out for us.

Wee Wee really made my day with this expression of his xD

I thought I understand him.
But actually I don't understand him at all.

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