Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Skipped classes for the first time in Semester Two today.
And I skipped double Mathematics.
I really couldn't stand it anymore.
Was seeing double vision and floating.
Turned out, struck by fever.
39 Degree Celsius.
Doctor called it 'High Grade' Fever :/

Was supposed to join Sue's birthday celebration.
Last minute I went clinic hunting.
First three in SS14 were closed :(, due to lunch hour I think.
The fourth one in KD was opened.
Funny thing was, doctor thought I had durians :/
Not an avid fan of durians lah, can't imagine it down my throat :/
I think I had too much of snacks :/

Opportunity : Slept for 2 hours, felt rested and energized.
Cost : I missed 2 hours of Mathematics!

I shall catch up tomorrow.
adios amigos people :)

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