Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prelude to Semester TWO

I can't believe I read horoscope this morning =.="
Dear Jolyn,
Here is your horoscope for
Tuesday, June 30:
You're approaching a time of change, so pay attention. Remember, too -- a lot of those changes are happening quietly and others may be oblivious. Still waters run deep. Look inside yourself and see what's happening!

Got up way before 5.55am which is when I usually wake up because of my insomnia again.
Gah, then I got ready and I'm out of the house by 6.55am.
Traffic wasn't heavy at all.
I reached my usual parking spot around 7.10am.

I realized I got not enough coins.
Old Town Kopitiam was right in front of me.

The Counter

I went into Old Town Kopitiam.
I bought a cup of coffee and asked the aunty POLITELY to give me RM4 coins when she returns me the change.

She started telling me her grandmother and grandfather stories =.=".

I was like 'okok, how much are you willing to give me then?'
She gave me RM2.70.
Well, that was sufficient to park til my break time.

I walked to college and I met Aaron along the way.
He couldn't have greeted me in a better way.

Aaron : Jolyn, trials is coming!
Me : *dumbfounded*

My bag was filled with nothing but Maths materials and CHOCOLATES from Langkawi.
Ya, I didn't forget my friends at PE1 (:

I gave the guys J.Daniels Chocolates and the girls Toblerone.
Well, except for Nabhan, Joey and Chua.
They got Toblerone instead because I ran out of J.Daniels :/
Jun Yit didn't get any because I was short of one ):
I gave the chocolate to Mr. Lai.

The new Econs lecturer is nice (:
I'm so relieved!
Well, before I knew it, it's 10am already which marked the start of my 3 hours break.
I went to pay my Semester 2 fees and headed to ECA centre with my kakis.
I really had fun chatting with the guys.
Then I realized it's 11 already.
It's time to buy parking ticket again.
Under the hot sun, I walked towards my car and I started putting coins which I got from my purse, Lai and Jian Wen.

My lab rat demonstrating how to eat J.Daniels chocolate :D

Guess what happens next?

I forgotten my car keys.

I didn't stomp my feet or curse because that is not what Jolyn would do.
I stoned in front of my car for 3 minutes and I walked all the way back to ECA centre again to get my keys.

In ECA Centre
Me : Crap, I forgot my keys =.="
Norman, Lai, Jian Wen, Alan : *laugh* how could you?

I 'happily' got my keys and repeat the procedure again.
I was back in ECA centre around 11.20am.

Almost the whole class went for chicken rice during lunch break.


Well, it's the people you are going with that matters (:

Table ONE

Table TWO
Please ignore my bag =.="

Shasha! :D

Oh, I've missed the good old times when we would all go for lunch together.
I was practically wearing my hoodie the whole time to shade myself from the sun :(
My face is getting worse and that stupid flu is annoying me =.="
It's not H1N1.

Then, it's Thinking Skills time.
I raced back to my class because I had an 'unforgetable' experience with my new Thinking Skills lecturer.
I didn't want to further worsen our teacher-student relationship.

The Experience
It started during the Maths paper of semester ONE exam. I tried to hide my iPhone in my pocket and failed. The phone was bulging out of my pocket and the invigilator found out. The invigilator took 20minutes to warn the whole room of PEOPLE. AND, the invigilator is my new Thinking Skills lecturer.

Again, the lecturer wore her signature shoes which we all thought was a Fashion no-no.

Boy's Slippers

Looked beyond all that,
she turned out to be REALLY GOOD in the subject
and she is just the right person in replacing Mrs. Brooke.
I think I will enjoy her classes for the remaining months in Taylor's.

*SIGH* I miss Mrs. Brooke ):
Why did she resign with IMMEDIATE EFFECT??
I hope Mr. Chan a.k.a Sherlock Holmes Reborn will find out for us.

Wee Wee really made my day with this expression of his xD

I thought I understand him.
But actually I don't understand him at all.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Breakfast with Jim

Abnormal me pumped Maths til morning,
not cause of rajin-ness but I just feel I should :(
I've been slacking WAY too much.
Then, I got ready for breakfast with Jim, my cousin.

Supposed to be 8.30am!
But Jim called me at 7.58am!
He was already past the guardhouse.
I was still in the toilet!
I got ready within 10 minutes

Then, we were off to Old Town Kopitiam.

You are looking at an excellent example of a 'Safe' driver who drives without using his hands and talking on the phone at the same time =.="
I was beside him

My Coffee

Him and his RM3.90 breakfast set

We had a nice chat. Really missed talking to you cousin :(
Missing out in your life already.

Then we went home.
Because he needed advice from MY MUM :D


The Boss giving advice :)

Then, he left around 12 noon.
I hope he is ok :(

Be strong cousin :)

This is what happens when two TOHs meet.

Terry says:

We toh must sleep together k
I mean stick

•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:

Terry says:
Seriously typo

•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:

Terry says:
Think i really need my sleep soon man
Talk until so wrong

•·.·´¯`·.·•|jolyn|•·.·´¯`·.·• says:

P.S omg, he is so FUNNY!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My date with Min Min

Today, I'm a driver AGAIN.
Actually I don't mind since I'm fetching all the people that I love :)

Me driving, Min snapped this :/
Please ignore the fugly strap =.="

Ya, this Min seemed to be high on Cocaine because she was like laughing and laughing.
I didn't know TRANSFORMERS can have SUCH an effect on a human :/

We both dressed in WHITE
I mean white like as in couple white MUHAHAHA!

I parked directly below NEW YORK NEW YORK DELI!

Me ordering

My Strawberry Calamansi

Min with her Root Beer Float
(Chocolate Ice Cream hehe, special request xD)

Min's drink is way taller than mine =/

Top is my food and bottom is Min's food

We had pretty good chat during our brunch, I really learnt a lot.
I heart you Min :)

Then, we went for our 2pm show which is

AGAIN =.=".

I think I fell asleep once during the show because I was too tired.
I slept at 10pm last night >.<. Then, Min woke me up and I continued watching til the end. This Min down-ed one Root Beer Float and then another Large Coke during the show. It was no surprise that she had to go to the toilet SO BADLY half way through the show.



After the show, we rushed to the toilet and we met up with JIM.
MY OH-SO-COOL cousin xD.

Him and his *ahem* :)

Then, we went to Mac City because I wanted a new protector for my iPhone xD
Today POLITE salesperson served me.


Then, Min went to Watson and I drove her back to my house to get the chocolates I bought her from Langkawi.

LOL, an incident happened in the car because of my stupid windows.
Luckily, Min fixed it while waiting for me to get the chocolates.

Then, we went to chill and continue our chit-chat in Pappa Kopitiam.

Min's Lychee Cincau

My Iced Cappuccino
What to do? I'm a coffee person afterall.

Around 7, we left Pappa and I sent her home.


Semester TWO Timetable

*roll on the floor*
I hate semester two timetable :(

What's with all the unnecessary 2 hours and 3 hours break lah?!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outing :D

Saturday morning full time driver is me :D

So, ya I went to fetch Gek Si and May Ling.


First show of the day.
We watched this.
The whole cinema only have like 9 people including us =.=".
We went to the back and sat at the couple seats ^_^.

Initially wanted to go O Brien's after the show,
but we had a picnic in the theatre so we went for a drink in Starbucks because the pre-historic May Ling wanted to try Starbucks' promotional beverage.
Clockwise from left:
Ice Vanilla Latte with Coffee Jelly, Java Chip Frappucino and Mocha Frappucino

Coffee and me are inseperable (:

Then we went Mac City to get a new screen protector for May's new Itouch but failed ):.

Nevermind. After that, we went to O Brien's to buy Gek Si's dinner and I fetched them both home.

This cat was practically syok-ing itself over there when I pulled up in front of Gek Si's house.
Sorrylah, iPhone cannot focus that's why the cat looked small.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mummy Part Two

Mum : Hey, daddy went happy hour already, so tonight it's just me and you. Let's go Zara.
Me : Oh, ok, dinner as well?

Mum : Yes, I want Spring Chicken!

So, off we went to One Utama.
I parked at B2 and went up all the way to New York New York Deli.
As far as I know, they do serve Spring Chicken.

I ordered my drinks and mummy ordered her food and drinks.
I was still full from binging the whole afternoon.

Lemonade and Lemon Lime
Rotisserie Spring Chicken

Talked a lot with mum when we were eating.
Well after our dinner, we went shopping.

Here are some random shots of clothes I tried on.
I'm sorry to be such a camwhore.

In the end, I bought the blue checkered shirt only.

Ya, I bought the white one.

After that, due to STRESS, we went for dessert at Haagen daz.

Green Tea <3

My mum is a poser.

Then, we headed home (:

Mummy Part One

Slept at 6am this morning and woke up at 9 something.
Hell, only god knows why I can't sleep =.="

9.48am - Text Message from Mum
Jom sapu Zara, call me when you awake.

9.50am - Call Mum
Me : I thought you said Zara sales no nice clothes then you refuse to go?
Mum : Actually I realised ever since your holiday started, I've been neglecting you A LOT.
Me : Huh? *I know she meant she been hardcore mahjong-ing*
Mum : So, to redeem myself as a responsible and caring mother, I want to take half day off work and give my time to my daughter. We gonna go for hair treatment, shopping and maybe tea time at Ms. Read together.
Me : *I know I should be touched but I continue to 'Huh?'*
Mum : It's ok, we go when you are fully awake.
Me : Ok, bye.

10.18am - A new text message from mum
Aiya cannot go already, my clerk is on leave ):

P.S Actually I don't mind if she cannot go with me,
because I have tonnes of work to do here.
But I'm touched my mum thought of me like that.
She didn't neglect me at all lah.

Mummy, I Love You

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zun Express

I reached home around 4.30pm today from One Utama.
Then, my mum told me that dad's gonna bring us to Mid Valley tonight.
And so, I got ready and we headed to Mid Valley.

Daddy damn cool lah ):

Then, we decided to have dinner at the Zun Express.



The Menu

Dad : 'Hmm, let's see.'

Mum and Dad's Food

My Food
Fried Rice with Superior Sauce (:

My Chrysanthemum Tea

Satisfaction xD

After our dinner, we went to WataTime because mummy want to buy Rolex =.=".

'Sorry, no stock.'

Then, we went to Robinson because Robinson is having sales.
I saw something which reminded me of good old times.

The Chicken Prints Plates and Bowls.

And then, we headed home.

Can't resists posing with my future car

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