Sunday, July 12, 2009

My weekend

Saturday morning til 7pm at night was...
pure monotony.

And then...
I remembered I have to go to my aunty's house for a party.
It was my cousin's 21st birthday party.
I totally forgot :(
So I got ready and waited downstair for my parents and brothers.

This is Cowan's cake(s) :)


I went home around 11pm with my brothers whereas my parents stayed for drinking session.
Today they got hungover =.="

As usual, I went for my morning yoga session with my kawan(s).

My kawan(s) stretching :)

My version
I don't know why I still can laugh so happily

This stretching made us pant like mad =.="

After my morning yoga, I went to watch 'Obsessed' with parents at GSC Signature, The Garden.

I cried in the end T_T, so touching :(

I was too awed by the popcorn container >.<
sorrylah, never been to GSC Signature :(

Time flies, why worry?
Might as well live, laugh and love without regrets.

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