Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Join the UNICEF 'Unite Against Child Abuse' Campaign at Taylor's Lakeside Campus :)

It's been a busy week :), nevertheless it's all turning out fine :). 2 Legal Skills Assignments dued and handed in, and then there are Contract and Tort assignments this week :). Law School has been really fun, especially Criminal Law. We have been fed with lots of interesting yet traumatising cases.

Who would have thought you could watch Desperate Housewives, Stephen Chow's movie or even Star Wars during classes? Then with all these work done, there's the Christmas party next Tuesday in Taylor's for the orphans! I'm really excited for that, we are gonna be doing the Christmas Carol, hope it turns out well :). There is this UNICEF event which will be happening in Taylor's every Wednesday :), our booth will be set out in front of the Student Life Centre, just come and check us out alright? All you have to do is just sign the card and fill in your details then you will be one of the supporters for preventing Child Abuse :)

The child abuse cases has been rising rapidly in KL, so let's just do all we can to prevent them alright? If you are wondering about what kind of UNICEF event I'm talking about, I have actually blogged about it before, it's here :)

If you can't be there at our booth, it's ok, we will be mobile and going around campus to look for you, just don't turn us down ok :D

The location of our booth : Amphitheater (In front Student Life Centre)
The time that we will be there : 12noon -3pm every Wednesday
Things you would have to do : Fill in your details in the little blue card that we're gonna give you! Also, ask us about the 'Get On Board' campaign :D
Cheers peeps, see you at the UNICEF booth ok :D?

P.S Our booth will be there from 11am-1pm :) for tomorrow though :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

stopping by woods, on a snowy evening.

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
by Robert Frost.

Promises are meant to be kept,
not to be broken.

Friday, November 26, 2010

will you walk with me?

Hola, the week has come to an end. It's weekend now. Unfortunately, my weekend will be spent doing assignment, I so won't let myself get too distracted. Anyhow, this week has been tough, but as I have said, I'm thankful to have awesome friends who never let me down :)

f r i e n d s

a seven letter word.

that I couldn't live seven seconds without.

Back to the topic yo!

Did I mention I love free hugs? Thank God, I have ample of friends who are generous in giving hugs XD When everything seems so wrong and like there are just so much to do, just look up and don't be afraid to ask for hugs, and also SMILE! Do you know that the world is a much much better place when you smile :)?

Right, right. During Wednesday, all of us year one law students suited up and went to visit the Malaysian Parliament. My, my, it was an eye-opener for me. Seriously, I got to watch them debate furiously live! At some part, it got pretty rough and of course, it was interesting too. They were discussing various issues including GDP :).

Anyhow, we had lots of fun over there at Parliament, everything had to be kept in the locker except for our wallets.

Suit up :)

and then while on the way back to the campus...

Somehow and somewhat, I caught the 'Jack's Disease' and got lame.
It's affecting me more and more, save me peeps!

About today, alright today was the longest time I spent in Lakeside Campus since I started here a month ago. I was there from 7am to 7pm.
Anyway, this is the Friday I love the most so far :D
Friday has always been the most dreaded and tiring day of the week for me ever since I started law school :( Blame it on the 8-4 classes.

Well, I've been raving about how I really want to watch 'The Social Network' and how everyone seemed to get the premiere screenings invites but me. FYI, just in case you don't know, I spammed a lot on Twitter regarding that issue XD.

So ya, today I finally got a chance to have my very own premiere screening of 'The Social Network' with the computing school friends

Thanks a lot, P for the wonderful experience :D

This is a really cool movie in a way. It's really all about how Facebook was developed and about the lawsuits Mark had to face. Anyway, enough info for now. Go and watch it peeps if you don't mind watching a film with lots of talking and talking :). I don't mind watching the movie again, so ya if anyone wants to watch this movie with me and buy me popcorns, I don't mind LOL.

Last but not least, before I go off to continue with my assignment, I would like to wish a very happy holiday to all my friends who has finished their exams today, and to those who are flying, BON VOYAGE!

P.S Here's a video I would like to share :)

A vocalist with a really unique voice, and calming background music.

I don't care if you're deceiving me,
I don't care how unfair life's gonna be,
So come and walk with me,
just take me through the day :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you are not the only one

Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only one in the world who's struggling, frustrated or barely getting by. That feeling is a lie. If you just hold on and find the courage to face it all for another day, someone or something will find you and make it all okay, because we all need a little help sometimes. Someone to help us hear the music of the world and to remind us that it won't always be this way. That someone is out there and will always find you :)

and it's something that happened today that made me realised this :).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Aside from assignments.

While assignment-ing, fyi I have a few tutorials to prepare and 4 assignments to go. On the brighter side, one assignment down :).

ANYWAY, something cheered me up :)

The Food Pornographer replied my tweets :).
I thought that famous bloggers would be too busy to reply tweets from their fans xD.
However, she proved me wrong :)
Her blog is really nice and informative, should go and see :)

Back to doing assignments. Have a wonderful week ahead guys.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's Unite Against Child Abuse.

We often hear about war, poverty, AIDS and even bird flu cases. Child abuse is not unfamiliar to us at all, but how many actually cares to do SOMETHING to help prevent child abuse?

Do you know?
In 2008, an average of 7 children in Malaysia were abused a day. And these were only reported cases. And knowing how hardly child abuse cases are reported, chances are there were much more children being abused daily as compared to what the published statistics show. These figures does not tell us anything about the scope, magnitude and reasons for child abuse in Malaysia.

I'm sure many of us knows what child abuse means, and by child abuse, I don't mean just physically, it can be mentally and sexually. I myself don't read much on news and reports about child abuse, it's too heart wrenching for me, however I do watch the news and sometimes child abuse being portrayed in shows and documentary. Those children, they don't even know that they are being abused, because they are so young and their minds have already been made to believe that the abuse is not wrong. That's the thought that frightens me. Even if they know that they are being abused, they are too afraid to speak out.

There are many channels all around the world that we, as normal civillians can participate and lend a hand to help stop child abuse, but how many of us actually bothers to be a part of it? Excuses like 'no time' and 'not interested' should never have been there at the first place.

Considering how the number of child abuse cases has been increasing in Malaysia every year, UNICEF has started a nationwide movement called "Get on Board" to provide the public with the information, insight and resources to stop child abuse. This knowledge will empower everyone to protect the children in our families and communities. Let us show our children that at least a 100,000 of us care. The more people who raise their hand to be counted, the stronger the campaign becomes to deter an abuser from hurting a child.

What is the Get On Board Campaign About?
Get on Board is a "people's campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with a platform to learn and respond to child abuse in the country. The digitally driven campaign, a first by UNICEF in the region, aims to strengthen public understanding of child abuse by providing information on the types of abuse, why it could happen and how to recognise symptoms in an abused child. It also hopes to empower the public to act on behalf of children by equipping them with protection solutions, parenting tips, action ideas and a directory of important resources. The campaign will run for two months. It was launched on 6 October in Kuala Lumpur and will culminate on 10 December (in conjunction with Human Rights Day). The finale will be hosted by UNICEF together with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and a local NGO, Childline Malaysia.

I very much agree with what the GOB celebrities has got to say about the campaign, especially Ruth Liew (parental expert, author and columnist).

Children are people too! They need our respect and attention.

This campaign against child abuse and neglect wants everyone, young and old, men and women to stand up for children.

It is our responsibility to give our children a safe environment to grow and develop. We must no longer wait for social problems to go away. We must do it together!

The Get on Board website offers the Malaysian public a platform to unite and show their support to stopping child abuse. By logging online to www.uniteagainstabuse.my, concerned and caring individuals can show their support by:
  • Learning more about child abuse. The website provides resources and opportunities to engage, educate and empower all of us to protect children from abuse.
  • Signing up to the campaign. They do this by creating their own unique "Hand" symbol which can be used as their Facebook profile picture or on other social media to show solidarity across the country to end child abuse.
  • Sharing materials on the website with their friends, loved ones and colleagues. All information on the website has Facebook and Twitter sharing capabilities so that users can help spread the word on how we can stop child abuse.
A short video on child abuse by UNICEF.

There are also other international websites/campaigns and global channels all around the world that support child abuse.

So get on board now and raise a hand.
I'm in, are you?

Friday, November 19, 2010

A hug cures everything.

My 19th birthday, eternalized :)

Hello peeps, the blogging mojo is back in action :) Wow, this must have been the longest time that I've abandoned my blog :S You know what, that's the effect of law school, yay blame it on law school xD. Nah, actually this week there weren't much classes as classes clash with many events so many classes were postponed.

I didn't blog for so long was undeniably mainly caused by law school and also I've not been in the blogging mood. Many sad and unfortunate things had happened to me in the past week. However, all is well now because friends and family are there for me :) You have no idea how life can be sometimes. I don't think anyone have any idea :P

Oh ya, one thing I found out is that hug cures everything, not just smiles. I've been hugging peeps more often now after the 'Hug an Indian' day, boy.. you have no idea how much I love hugging a specific someone ;).

A hug is a form of welcome and care. You spread your arms and you welcome people into your embrace :) I've been feeling rather exhausted and lack of energy recently, so what did I do to keep me going throughout the day? Basically, it's the primary fuel of mine, COFFEE and hugs from my friends :)

Have also been feeling unwell recently due to my low blood pressure and sugar level I guess. What's more? It's the time of the month again today. Everything seemed so blue, the cramps were horrible and I can barely feel my feet. *Sigh* so sad I couldn't joined any activities during the five hours break :(. Anyway, went home and rested then was recharged for Contract Lecture :) Hugs also enhanced my energy whee! I think it's a form of energy sapper for me to sap from my friends :P

Anyway, today a senior came and told us bout the Community Service of law school. Jack and I was really interested in being a part of the committee. So guess what? Both of us were selected :) So happy and relieved! I'm really looking forward to the Legal Aid Clinic that is going to happen soon, and also the UNICEF thing that Aida mentioned today. I hope there will be more community work in the future, and OF COURSE a secret fantasy of mine, blood drive :)) I love donating blood!

Oh ya, gotta mention this as well, my birthday celebration was eternalized by the class :) due to the fact that Wei Ling is quitting law school for architecture. So ya, she's gonna be staring at my 19th birthday in her room everyday :P

See how full is her card :)

Toodles peeps, I'm hoping to increase the frequency of my blog updates :)
Good luck to all my computing friends who will be facing finals in the coming week, you guys can do it :) Study smart and hug more when you need it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


[11/13/10 12:02:10 AM] Jolyn Toh: got people fetch me i go la :D
[11/13/10 12:02:12 AM] Lai Toh Wai: =.=
[11/13/10 12:02:14 AM] Lai Toh Wai: KD WEH
[11/13/10 12:02:17 AM] Jolyn Toh: why not
[11/13/10 12:02:17 AM] Lai Toh Wai: at night ok la
[11/13/10 12:02:19 AM] Lai Toh Wai: morning
[11/13/10 12:02:19 AM] Lai Toh Wai: ==
[11/13/10 12:02:22 AM] Lai Toh Wai: farrrr
[11/13/10 12:02:22 AM] Jolyn Toh: swt --
[11/13/10 12:02:33 AM] Jolyn Toh: at night kd shrink la u mean?

HAHAHAHA. sorry it's a joke i must share :D SORRY LAI

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PE1 Toy'r'us style

Eugene, Lai and I went to visit Wen Wen at Toy'r'us today for lunch.
After lunch, we went back to Toy'r'us and stayed for a bit.

Note : They did this, not me :P

I don't know which one resembles PE1 more XD



or THIS?

Anyway, really had a good laugh with them, gosh now I missed A-Levels.
However, life have to move on, law school is my life now :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

First Hiking Trip with Classmates to Broga Hill.

Heyyo peepos, today was my first time going for a hiking trip with my classmates! Our targeted place was Broga Hill :)

The 18 of us gathered at Taylor's Lakeside Campus around 4.30am. Boy, Lakeside was beautiful that time :) The difference between Lakeside at 4am and Lakeside at 9am is a wide gap yo!

Then, 5am! We adjourned to Broga Hill in CONVOY :D. Four cars were headed towards Broga.
Wei Ling - CRV (leader)
James - MyVi
Joshua - MyVi
Zhe Xian - Viva

I was the map reader in Wei Ling's car *proud*. Oh well, I gotta salute Wei Ling's driving, she's a really fast driver. We reached Broga a while after adjourning and BOY IT WAS PITCH DARK. There were no one but us at the carpark. No lights, no souls, just well... us.

Thank God for the existence of company and of course TORCHLIGHT!

Pictures time :D

View from the top of Broga Hill just shortly after sunrise :)

Ya, we reached the top just in time!
Oh wait, a group picture before the sunrise.

The 18 of us :)

Hehe, good postures huh :P My work :P

So windy!

Just sitting down and relaxing is nice too!

I sat everywhere and I slided when I can't get a grip, so ya, this is pretty self-explanatory :X

Bye Bye Broga!
The girls in the same car as me, as hyper as ever lol. I'm in the front seat xD

Broga was a new experience for me because I'm not exactly a sport person, neither have I hiked in such a good weather before. I've hiked several times in the past, but the weather was not treating me well! I always ended up with a pair of shoes to throw away or a terrible headache. Anyway I'm really glad we did this during our first week of break.

Here's something about Broga. If you are an amateur in hiking, or you just want to have a taste of hiking with your loved ones, or to watch sunset, or simply just an exercise, Broga Hill is the place to go.

However, do take note that Broga is quite a remote area in Semenyih, there will not be any 24 hours convenience shop or toilets nearby, be sure to go to the toilet at Petronas gas station at Semenyih town (which you will come across while you are on your way there).

I've seen peeps with sandals, shorts, jeans, sneakers and even crocs. So yea, unless you are pretty sure you can hike in these sorts of attire, if not don't do it, be on the safe side, like me :) trackbottom and trainers! Oh ya NOT FORGETTING tonnes of water :) You will be sweating like crazy, trust me because that happened to me.

I can't wait for our next class outing :)
Let's go ZORBING.
Who's up for it :)?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yc session at One Cafe with ♥

I'm gonna tell a story about three people who has got nothing to do on a Saturday night, they decided to meet up and have a yumcha session at One Cafe.

Min and I met up with JJ at One Cafe around 8.20pm. The poor JJ sprained his right ankle :(

You see what I mean :)

Anyway Min had some sort of chicken chop and I ordered their signature fried beancurd in rojak sauce. Nothing special, typical food, therefore not worth mentioning :) The star of the night is the pizza I'm going to introduce to you below :) Only people who has birthday in the month itself can redeem such a tasty and unique pizza! But of course T&C apply :)

Birthday kid scored us a 20' complimentary pizza!
This is a very unique thin pizza, you won't get too stuffed or bloated even after three pieces, it's a very flavorful dish :)

*Make a wish and blow!*

My dinner provider can't live without technology XD

Their drinks are actually quite unique :)

JJ's Spicy Mango Soda

My Cappucino Blend

Min's Ice Lemon Tea

Must take picture with the birthday kiddo :P


Hehe this is something random :P

Anyway the ambience in One Cafe is nice, even on a Saturday night, it's not that crowded and it's cooling, just something like Station 1 Cafe. However, you pay more to dine in One Cafe. I will come back for their dessert next time :)

For more information, visit One Cafe official website :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love Cuts《割爱》

Yesterday was Deepavali, beside craving for the awesome Muruku I had from the SS2 night market, it was also my family day! Yes, we made our family day earlier, I'm so lazy to go out on Sunday! So yeah, we went to Pavillion KL :)) So happy weh, so long never been to my favorite mall!

Did the usual :), daddy let us out while he go round for parking, yesterday was super packed! Daddy parked at the Valet Parking. Mama and I went to Coffee Bean to get my weekend sinful treat :P Ya, I treat myself to a cup of Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean every Sunday :)

So while we were there, a few really unusual thing happened.

1. If I'm not mistaken, an African dude kept staring at me and smiling at me, it was hard not to notice, I got pretty freaked out.
2. Coffee Bean smelled like garbage bin. Then, I found out why! That's because two angmohs were ransacking through the garbage bins of Coffee Bean. To have them to go to the extent of getting down and filthy, they must have lost something very important in the garbage bin! I bet they lost their jewelry or their passports! Poor thing really, I wouldn't want that to happen to me if I'm on a vacation :(

After that, went on to Food Republic to have brunch
The three of us had the entire table full of food, understandable because it was our first meal of the day at 2.30pm :(( Went for shopping for my brother's work wear at G2000 after that :) Then, stumbled upon the fashion show for the rich and famous at the concourse of Pavillion KL.

To be honest, it's really THAT grand you know. There were lots of farmilar faces and rich people at the Malaysian International Fashion Week. I went up two floors and watched the show from above. Couldn't make out what were the brands that the models were parading around with, but those dresses really took my breath away.

After that, we went to watch 'Love Cuts' at GSC Pavillion KL. This is where the image of my favorite mall got tainted. The story goes like this, I went to the concession to buy my usual popcorn which is a mixture flavors of caramel and salty. The rude female trainee who was working by the Eon Bank Card concession counter mixed caramel and Lite&Sweet for me. I told her about her error, and she tried to argue with me! I mean 'Hello? I'm the one who bought and TASTED it and then you want to argue with me?' When I asked her to change for me, she poured back in my popcorns into the place where she first scooped out my popcorns. Then guess what happened? She took the popcorns from the same place again and give it back to me! And she did all these in front of me. I got so furious I just throw away my popcorns, I have no appetite anymore.

Oh well, I have already cooled down and I won't think bout it anymore, just to make note that next time I'll not deal with this kind of people anymore. So yea, practically this post is supposed to be about the movie I watched, 'Love Cuts'. Sorry, I got carried away.

THIS light movie has a heavy message: Love and cherish the women in your life for they can be taken away from you anytime.

Forty-year-old seamstress Sissy (played by Zoe Tay) leads an ordinary life. Her daily routine is to send her two children to school before heading for her shop in Chinatown. En route, she spreads a little cheer, always generous with her smile and gracious personality.

She also has a reputation for superb craftsmanship and gets great referrals from clients.

Husband Wei Mun (Kenny Ho) is manager of a Chinese restaurant. Having migrated from Hong Kong to Singapore 20 years ago, he's disappointed with his lack of achievements in life. He blames it on his marriage and neglects his wife.
They have two children: a rebellious 15-year-old son and a lovely nine-year-old daughter.

Then Sissy discovers that she has fourth-stage breast cancer.

Sexy young model Christie (Christy Yow) pops by her store one day. That encounter soon blossoms into a life-changing friendship.

You see, Christie, the face for a global lingerie brand, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, too.

I like this movie. What seems like a humble tale shows strong impact. Its message to women everywhere is clear:

90 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no known family history, and 70 per cent have no identifiable risk factors.

Director Gerald Lee lets the crucial moments and telling silences drive home the message to viewers on what it's like to suffer from breast cancer and how it affects those around the patient.

Little Regene Lim, who plays Sissy's daughter, will tug at your heartstrings with her stifled sobs and honest dialogue. Seriously, she's so cute and understanding in the film, you will just fall for her.

Love Cuts is a good movie. Just remember to have tissues ready. And when you’re done, give the women in your life a hug and cherish them.

Below is a short trailer of the film :)

I cried so badly during and after the show, it really touched my heart, felt like hugging my mummy after that. So yeah, everyone please go and watch this film, this film made me realize a lot of things :)

Toodles xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

when boredom is the case.

This is a pre-weekend update. I warn you first that there are gonna be lots of silly shots ahead.

In my comfort zone.

It all started with BOOKS

Then I got silly.

The 'neighbor principle' taught me to pose with my neighbor :)

My food can't resist photobooth :))

even my 'accessory' realizes that tomorrow is Deepavali :)

These weren't enough, the boredom doesn't end.

In my campus

I became distracted by this watch XD

Even when some TV3 peep were filming us, he was caught on tape by me!

And a talk by Professor Lewis today!

Who doesn't know Donoghue v Stevenson right :)

The well known snail beer

The silly streak doesn't end, you know why?
Even when my car got blocked, and I had to stone while waiting for the guard to do his job.

I never FAIL to amuse myself, all hail Taylor's Parking sticker. & to whoever that double parked me today, I wasn't offended at all :)

P.S If you bear with my silliness and read this post til the end, you are awesome man!
Have a great weekend peeps!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

if you feel the way I do.

The last few days has been great, oh well when has law school been NOT great so far :)? Well, except for the assignments part! Apparently we have a case brief to submit tomorrow and we didn't know how to submit it until today! Thank god I finished mine few days ago. So now I'm just relaxing my mind and that explains why I'm blogging!

Yesterday was Yan's big big day, dinner was just Yan, Fern and me. We met up at One Utama and had dinner at Chillis :))


Hehe, this took up most of our time!
Scrabble FTW!


Yours Truly & the b'day girl :) Happy Birthday again, I was the last to wish!

Hmmphhhh, as for Halloweeen party which happened last week, which pretty much gone out of hand, this is the picture that I like the most :)

Left to right : The Dracula wanna-be (damn funny coz he's wearing his t shirt and specs!) , The Grim Reaper, The Shinigami (from Bleach) and me (The Angel w/o make up LOL, and got bullied the most)

Lots of works to be dued tomorrow, good luck in getting them done peeps, we will fighto~!
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