Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kin Shui Tei, Tropicana Golf & Country Club

Kin Shui Tei, a classy Japanese Restaurant located within Tropicana Golf & Country Club, has been there since forever.
It has always been my primary choice when I crave for Japanese food.
That's because it's near to my house and we are members of Tropicana Golf & Country Club, needless to say, the extra discount :)
People says, blogger always get invited for free food sampling, envy those blogger wei xD.
Mummy love the Mango Salad there whereas I never failed to order the handroll whenever we eat there.
This time around, we decided to order something different, not the usual yakimono, sashimi, sushis and yada yada~

The Interior of the restaurant

While waiting...

Let's have a cup of green tea :D

Then comes the Mango Salad.

My Hot Ramen :D

Mummy's Unagi Don

Anyway all these comes up to about RM70 for the bill.
But it was a satisfying meal :D

Anyway, starting from 10th of August 2010, they will be having a Ramadhan promotion.
Ah jeez, it's that time of the year again.
Anywhere and everywhere with their Ramadhan offer/promotion and buffets!
I'll try these on my next visit!

Green Tea Tiramisu


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