Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Maid Wears A Specs

The title is not wrong, my maid really needs a specs, and we bought her one.

Today college was fine, had an extended break.
It became three hours long.
Mood was far better than yesterday.

Didn't do much.
Aside from attending classes,
been doing work, talking and camwhoring with the guys.

Changing of period



I went Madam Joyce again with the girls, Wee Wee and Chua.
Lai joined us this time.
This week is the third time already.

The colourful sour candy

I placed myself onto Normy's back to get him off my seat
He did not even move an inch =.="

Shrek (:

And I came home to this.

Mum's Special :)

P.S I really need to experiment on my newly jailbroken iPhone.
Note --> Make time

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