Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye and hello :).

hmm, it has been a while since I last drafted an entry. Needless to say, I'm rather rusty in blogging now. I haven't been touching my blog in a while. ANYWAY, this is a good bye post :). I've decided to quit blogging as I'll be heading to UK for my studies soon. I'm doing LLB there for two years. Come visit me if you happen to be there!

Thank you so much fellow readers for supporting my blog, and also fellow bloggers for including me in the group and letting me tag along for the events and outings. I'm really glad to know you guys. I would like to add that this domain will expire by September, so ya no point I keep blogging here. I'll be leaving for the UK on the 24th of September 2011.

Last but not least, cheers to all you readers and bloggers out there. Au Revoir :)!

P.S I will definitely have a mini farewell with the bloggers before I go, or some prefer not to call it a farewell, or rather 'yumcha'. I'm actually thinking about Coffee Chemistry Cafe Signature which is yet to be opened in Empire Shopping Gallery :(. Anyway, for me, even mamak will do actually :P.

True, ain't it :)?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LAWASIA International Moot Competition (Malaysia, National Rounds) 2011

The LAWASIA season is here :). My classmates whom were involved had one final challenge to take on before they could qualify for the LAWASIA moot which would be held in South Korea. The Malaysian LAWASIA National Rounds was held in Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) last weekend, on the 23rd to 24th July. I'm blogging bout the event from an outsider point of view :).

I met up with my classmates whom were gonna participate in the competition in uni and we were headed off to KLRCA. Oh well, I'm glad I went :), because even though I didn't join the event as a mooter or a student volunteer, I was there as a visitor. I was able to witness the whole process of the competition, because visitors are allowed to sit in and watch :).

KLRCA wasn't as big as I expected it to be, it was quite small actually, the moot venues for each competition were small too, there were just one big tables with chairs surrounding it for mooters and judges. There were 3 judges, one of them from AG Chamber :). 2 mooters for the claimant and 2 mooters for the respondent, with 1 bench counsel for each sides, not forgetting 1 bailiff and 1 timekeeper. 

Everyone was a winner that day, and honestly, I'm so proud of my friends, they really went all out to prove themselves to the judges, but the final total marks is the important ones, each teams' marks has got to combine together and add up to the final marks as the final result.

We took some photos in KLRCA. Let me share it with you guys :D

Such tension D:!

Everyone who was involved had a name tag worn around their neck :)

Jame's name tag as a moot participant :D.

Let's move into the moot court, I watched James and Jon's moot.

James and Jon for the claimant with Amar as their bench counsel :).

Ongoing moot competition, tension gila!

After delibration, *phew*, a friendly group photo for both sides and the judges XD.

Oh well, now even though the result is yet to be released, they have already done their best, so everyone of them is a champion, winning or losing is not important, the most important thing is that at the end of the journey, they know what they are capable of achieving.

Now, the WINNERS shot XD, haha I tumpang the winners *perasan*

The very semangat-ed visitors who woke up early to support OUR FRIENDS :D

By the way, my seniors' team was the defending champion for last year's LAWASIA. According to my friends' prediction, after their marks combined together, none of the team will be able to make it to the finals in South Korea, owh that could be a little disappointing but it's ok, for other teams who made it to the finals in South Korea, get ready to kick other's asses and show the world what Malaysia is made of :). 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

35th Bon Odori 2011 Arigatou Malaysia

η›†θΈŠγ‚Š a.k.a Bon Odori is a style of dancing performed during the Bon festival, a.k.a Obon.

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirit of one's ancestor. This Buddhist custom has evolved into family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors' graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

This is when the Bon-Odori festival in Malaysia comes in. The Bon-Odori festival is held in two states of Malaysia, namely KL and Penang simultaneously every year. This year for KL, it was held in Matshushita Sports Centre, Shah Alam. The crowd was overwhelming, way more than last year. People from all races and every walks of life was there to celebrate this very festival. There were mainly dance performances and stalls selling food and beverages.

Everyone who went also received a free hand-held fan with the illustration below wrapped around the fan.

Needless to say, this makes it super convenient for participants to keep track of events :).

It was my first time there and also my last time to Bon Odori festival, that's because I'm heading off to UK in 2+ months time. It was a good experience, I have not seen so much crowd in ONE place before. It awes me because even though I have been to even more crowded places outside Malaysia, the difference here is that I can stand still and take photos with the crowds around me, whereas outside Malaysia, if I stand still and take photos with this sort of crowd, I would be push off to god-knows-where.

Me and YY, with the crowd at the back!

and outside Bon Odori, outside the stadium, there are things one can never spot :)


Spotted : YUKATAS!
Final photo taking with the people!


From left to right, my brother's Japanese sensei (Atsuko sensei), my brother's girlfriend (YY), me and my brother's best friend (Greg)

It was a wonderful experience :), thank God I forgone the food+cocktail review at View, GTower for a quality time with these people :').

Monday, July 18, 2011

Media Preview : PUMA FAAS Test Challenge

I'm sure everyone had heard of the sports brand, PUMA . This brand has been around for as long as I could remember.


Inspired by Usain Bolt, one of the world's fastest man, PUMA's latest collection - FAAS is designed for both style and performance. Be as fast as you can in their all new lightweight lineup featuring some brand new models for both men and women runners in a nearly unlimited colorway selection. 

In conjunction with this, PUMA has recently launched their road show at 1 Utama, where they were searching for the fastest man and woman in Malaysia. There was a preview last Friday in 1 Utama, only for the media to do their coverage. 

The road show was called the PUMA FAAS Test Challenge Road Show, it was held from 11am to 1pm in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, outside Delicious. The crowd that day was mainly medias and bloggers. Attending media and bloggers were given the opportunity to challenge the speed and take part in the challenge, the fastest recorded time during the preview session walked away with limited edition PUMA merchandise.

The track for people to take on the challenge

Hmm, and of course, the media and bloggers who attended and registered was given the PUMA goodie bag which also included a PUMA sport t-shirt.

Now, you can run faster with these awesome pairs of shoes from the FAAS collection. Get yours now in your nearest PUMA outlet :).


Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Press Conference

Hi yo people, this blog has been frozen for a while, it's time to revive it. I'm de-freezing the blog not because I am in the mood or what, it's actually because there's something I need to post on, which is a recent event that I went :) *points at the title* Tada! It speaks for itself :), I went to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Press Conference a while back in Sunway Lagoon with a bunch of medias and a few bloggers last Tuesday.

The invitation sent to me was as below :

INVITATION: Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference

 The Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) cordially invites you to a Press Conference, happening next week at:

Date: 12 July 2011, Tuesday

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: The Lighthouse Bistro, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, 3 Jalan PJS 11/11 Bandar Sunway (enter via the Lagoon Theme Park entrance)

The PC will reveal the National Costume for reigning Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Henry who will be participating in the pageant in Brazil later this year. 

Also, the Organisation will announce the details of the upcoming Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Reality Television Show


SOOOOOO that was what the invitation said! Oh well, it was a 20 minutes long event, NOT FORGETTING the fact that it was a hot day :(, it didnt do any justice for one to be a Sunway Lagoon for a day like this except if one is aiming to get real tanned. Basically there were a bunch of medias that I don't know, beautiful girls, and let's say I felt really out of place at places like these, ok better not get carried away. Andrea Fonseka actually came and engaged me in a conversation, ah... beautiful girl with a friendly personality, I like :). I think I saw Daphne Iking and of course, Deborah Henry herself, in her beautiful wau costume :).

I shall share some lousy photos I took using my ancient iPhone 3G XP.

Andrea Fonseka, MC of the event.

Deb Henry with the sponsors

Deb Henry with her costume designer by her side, and some ladies.

and last but not least, let the lady show off her costume yo :)!

I call her, the Wau lady.

I wonder if she will get exhausted having to walk like that most of the time, during the pageant competition :S.

That's it for the 20 minutes long press conference, not bad for the first time of an amateur like me to be in an event like this, at least to keep me accompany for boring days XD.

Friday, June 17, 2011

To Friendship :)

It's always fun no matter what activities we do with our friends. Especially those cherished one. It didn't even matter whether the original plan was followed or not, even if things get out of control, simple back up plans would cheer us up. No matter what, you are not alone in this world :). Friends are what keep us accompany, and truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave even, and of course impossible to forget.

My friends will be what I miss the most when I'm off to UK for my degree studies. Many might have wondered, why am I, an average girl, stays single for so long? The thing is, single is not a status, and you don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend to spice things up in your life, oh well you may say that I would eventually need one in the future, but now? In my current state? I'm only barely twenty years old, and still studying, not even working yet to support myself, and there's still so much more to life! 

Oh let me add, friends are forever, if they make it into your future, there's always a reason for it so hold on to your friends and never let go, second chance doesn't come often :), and if those friends never make it to your future, what can I say? At least they left a footstep in our memories :), something for us to ponder on and reminisces in. Therefore, I would always put family and friends on top of my list :). Just some food for thought anyway before I begin another blog entry after a few weeks of absence :).

It doesn't matter what your definition of friends are, it could be..

your loving and blur brother :),

your best friend forever, or most commonly known as BFF :),

people you get along with despite having contrasting personalities,

people you crossed path with from different walks of life,

and precious people who will always be on your mind.

See, friendship has a very wide scope of definition, it's really unlike any other relationship, particularly the boy-girl relationship, you know what I mean. Friendship is forever :).

So ya, just a food for thought.

To Friendship, people, to friendship :)!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Penang with law-lipops

Guess where I spent my last weekend :) PENANG YO!

Party rock is in the house tonight (:, everybody just have a good time!

Haha, I don't know why we chose that particular day to have a road trip to Penang, the 4th of June. It was a public holiday, a school holiday and also my semester break. What are the odds right lol? On the day itself, Zhe & Jon fetched me and then we headed to Kelana LRT to board the LRT to the Taman Jaya Station to meet James. James drove us to campus to meet up with the rest, by 8.30am, we started our journey.

Many things happened throughout this trip and not all were really nice to say it here XD So ya, what happened in Penang stays in Penang. It was a pure food-booze-slacking and time wasting trip.


We stopped in Ipoh for Hor Fun Soup and the White Coffee. Went to both Nam Heong and Sun Yuan Foong :). I'm sure you have heard of these two shops as they were kind of like the trademark of Ipoh. We didn't take pictures of the food though.

Then, we continued our journey to Penang, reached there and checked in to our dodgy and worthless hotel, thank God it was clean, that's really all I'm asking for lol. We had our dinner in Gurney Drive (: Dinner consisted of Char Kuey Teow, Fried Chicken Skins, Oyster Omelette, Pasembur, Chendol and Popiah. In my opinion, the Fried Chicken Skins triumphed among the bunch (: The rest were edible and average :). 

After dinner, we hung around in Gurney Plaza and then headed back to the hotel for booze night. The guys really bought liquor to do their own mixing in the room, so ya I think the story for that night shall stop here (:


lawyers (ALMOST!) on the beach :)

Breakfast was provided in the hotel, so we ate in the hotel, and then headed off to Lorong Selamat for round two. Char Kuey Teow by the sisters duo was where we were headed. Waited for a bit, and honestly? I don't see anything special bout their Char Keuy Teow. To me, it's just well... a plate of Char Kuey Teow. Oh well, it's just an opinion anyway :)

After Char Kuey Teow, then it was Chendul time, the Penang Road Famous Chendul. I'm not a big fan of Chendul. therefore I didn't try. However, it looks nice and my mates enjoyed the Chendul a lot! The sun was burning and we decided to hang around in Queensbay Mall after Chendul.

Did some shopping and raid Austin Chase + Chatime :). The highlight of the day happened after Queensbay Mall :D We went to the Tanjung Bungah Beach and spammed Rach's camera. Enough said, a lot of pictures were taken :D. There were not many with me inside though :P Wasn't in the mood to camwhore like REALLY REALLY A LOT!

After the beach, it was time for NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR! 

Rach and I at Nasi Kandar Line Clear :)

This place is famous for their nasi kandar, but I don't like to eat there. I can never dine in a place this dirty, I lose my appetite instantly. Not even if they are so nice and well- known. I still prefer Original Kayu Nasi Kandar ;).

Then it was BOOOZE NIGHT AGAIN! I can't stop emphasizing on how funny that night was. The way Amar acted just to make everyone drink XD.

Self explanatory much :D


Breakfast in hotel then BOOOOOOO OFF WE WENT TO THE LAKSA IN PASAR AIR ITAM :). DAMN A LOT OF PEOPLE WEH! Ok la cut the crap, I still prefer my mum's laksa lol. Now you know why I can never be a food critics, because I'm TOO PICKY AND I CRITICIZE too much :). Therefore I shall not emphasize too much on the food yo!

Walked around for a bit and sent Lena off at the airport before leaving Penang :). Had our lunch in Onn Kee Beansprout Chicken Rice in Ipoh. It was like a meal from heaven! I think we were too hungry ba hahaha! Wanted to have the Tau Fu Fah from Funny Mountain but it was sold out :( SAD! 

Off we went to buy gifts from the biscuit shop named Sin Eng Heong in Ipoh and then we left :). It was a long journey way home, the guys made a stop at my humble abode. The first thing Josh did in my house was checking into Foursquare while the rest were dying to pee lol. Oh ya, and we kinda camwhored for a bit :P

Guys, thank you so much for year one and also everything, I'll miss you guys soo sooo much :'). See you guys soon!

That's all for my Penang trip! I shall plan my holiday wisely now.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sky Bar, Traders Hotel KL

I must say, I'm surprised the blogging mood is back in such a short time. Probably because I met my bestie, May today (: Words can't describe how much I've missed her and now that she's back, we started off slow and spent the whole day together. Oh well, since I've just started back on blogging, I shall use pictures as the foundation of this post :).

Brunch : Restaurant Jin Xuan HK Dim Sum

I picked May up from her house at around 11.30am and then we headed to our first stop, the Damansara Jaya branch :P. She had all the prawn dimsum while I had the fried loh mai rice that I've been craving since last night. We had so much to catch up on, it felt like I've never been this talkative since ages ago. No pictures were taken during brunch, because let's face it, this particular restaurant has been blogged to death with positive reviews, they need no introduction here anymore. PLUS, May and I didn't bring any camera, we were relying on my phone to take good pics for Sky Bar during tea time LOL!

Tea Time : Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

It was like any other working days, KL was congested to the max, cars were sluggish on Jalan Kuching, ya I took the long route to KLCC lol and I don't know why. Jammed for an hour and finally reached KLCC. I was thinking the best route to Sky Bar is to park at KLCC and get to Traders Hotel via the open air KLCC park. You got it right, we walked under the hot burning sun towards Traders Hotel, and by the time we got there, clothes were kinda wet lol.

Right, cut the crap :). So, right on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, lies this relaxing jewel of the hotel.

Sky Bar.

It does not just have areas for guests to dine and drink, it also has a clear swimming pool :)

Awesome ain't it? I saw some 'ang moh' dove in and swam laps while I was chilling with May from our seats. You know what, we were the only Chinese there, the rest were 'ang moh' lol.

There, all 'ang moh' XD

Ain't both of us a lucky pair? On a day without booking, not only we got a good table, they are also having a promotion titled 'For Her' (:, it features a selection of any 2 cocktails for only RM48++ from any of the five cocktails listed on the flyer which can be seen on every tables.

This is the place where the magic of drinks mixing happen (:

Our Kapitan Treasures

It was refreshing, you will like it if you were sweating like mad due to the hot weather.

We spent about an hour and a half there just chilling, playing with iPad and..

well..napping :P

The rest of the day were spent window-shopping in KLCC and then raiding the SS2 night market for food and drinks (: Had so much fun doing everything with May, can't wait to hang out with her again.

On the other hand, Sky Bar is a really relaxing bar, I don't mind going there again.

For more info about Sky Bar, please head to their homepage here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Freedumb (:

Sorry for the long hiatus peeps, I've absolutely no idea when I'm going to update a proper post on this precious blog of mine. Finals was sucking the life outta me, that explains the long hiatus :S Today marks the first day of my holiday. I spent it doing LAC duty in Taylor's. What can I say, I have Taylor's phobia now.

Dear bloggy, I've so much to update you on, but words can't really fit everything into one post for what happened in the past month. Too much has happened, be it good or bad. More is gonna come for the next few months. Hopefully the big guy up there will bring me through everything for I know and I believe :).

Although I wasn't actively blogging for the past month, I have been updating myself a lot on my Twitter ( and my instagram (jolyn91). Until I can collect my thoughts and find my inner peace again, the quality of my posts will remain at this standard, saddenng huh :S?

Trust me, I'm (almost) a lawyer. -- says the shirt :P

Monday, May 2, 2011

shock me like an electric eel.

I've been sick for 8 days now, since last Sunday. It's been sorethroat-flu-fever-flu-cough. Mind you, I am having a really bad flu that my mind can't concerntrate on anything else. I tried to go and discuss exam-related stuffs with my friends, but I think I'm a nuisance to them. That's because all the time I'm there, I'm busy dealing with my annoying and torturing nose. FML seriously, I need a new nose, a healthy one. I know I shouldn't have gone out to crowded places and that only will make me sicker, but I can't help it, I'm lacking human interactions. I miss my law mates, and my other friends :(.

Exam is like 2.5 weeks away, and here I am, getting sicker and sicker. I don't know I'm getting sicker or getting well, I'm always getting false hope. Once I wake up in the morning, thinking ya, nose clear phlegm gone, then I went and continue with my routine, boom bad flu and cough all come back to me. Gosh, I need to get well already :(. It's not that I haven't realised this before, but now it's crystal clear to me that, health is really important, more important than anything else. Once I got sick, nothing else seems relevant, all I wanna do is crash and shut down. I can't do anything else, even being myself took some effort, yes I'm that tired and jaded. I can't taste anything, not even savoury food. All that's left on my tongue is the mixture of medications aftertaste. I hate those taste :(. Not even a packet of Hacks could make those taste go away.

Tired of being sick, frustrated of the annoying nose, I want nothing else but to be healthy again, I need my healthy engine back, and oh god I hope you are listening to my prayers, I want colours back to my face too. I've been looking like a ghost for 8 days. Can you hear me? A prayer from a non believer. I just want to get well, nobody deserves to be sick, yes nobody. I'm pathetic I know.

P.S I have a song that cheers me up too when I'm sick.

I'm easily happy, ain't that good :)?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jun's farewell + Je's 24th @ Zouk KL

Saturday night was the second night in a row that I stayed up late to go out eversince my healthy lifestyle commenced. It was a night out at Zouk KL with my brothers, cousins and also friends. Why did I go to a club when exam is so near? Shouldn't I be cramming at home? I know these questions are making me guilty too, but my brother is flying off next Tuesday for a job training in Luxembourg, I won't be seeing him for a while, plus this is the first time I will be hanging out and just having fun with so many people that I love and related to.

It's all farmiliar and at the same time comforting :). I love being in my comfort zone.

 My brother, Jun whom I won't be seeing for a while.

I haven't took a proper picture with him in a while, even the one we took were kind of blur because of the lighting problem. Even so, I'm grateful to my cousin, Min (: Thanks to Min, I have a recent photo with my brother whom I won't be seeing for a while (: 

It was a legendary night in Zouk, glad Jun had fun during his farewell and god knows where they went and what they did post-Zouk. Not forgetting that, happy birthday to Je and also to those having hangover or had hangover, get well soon! I personally am struck down with fever and sore throat. All my long lost friends a.k.a sicknesses had somehow found their way towards me once again. I must get well soon because if I don't do well for exams, somehow or somewhat the blames would be put on the sickness itself and it's so totally UNCOOL ):

Last but not least, whatever happened in a club stays there (:

Yours truly.

Heading out xoxo!



Saturday, April 23, 2011

An evening of live jazz with the Patrick Terbrack Quartet @ No Black Tie

I have a weakness for good music and of course, great company. My classmates and I have been talking about attending a live jazz performance for a while,  since even before our mock exams. Finally, one of us, the kind Grace, got around to checking the website out and after much discussion, we booked a table for yesterday night, the 22nd of April 2011, to watch the Patrick Terbrack Quartet play in No Black Tie.

Below is the official poster for the event.

The quartet, not including the pianist in the picture because he was sitting far far left.

Notice the white shirt drummer? I think it's quite impressive because he's a JAZZ drummer and he's only 18!

sax & trumbone duo, complement each other so well that my jaw dropped.

It was a very impressive and fantastic performance I must say.

They started at sharp 10.30pm and  I think it went on until 1am++. I left at 1am though. Their performances were very relaxing and carefree, they totally know their stuffs! I was blown away by their creativity with the sax, trumbone, drums, bass and of course piano :). I didn't enjoy myself very much because I was struck with tummy problem around 11pm :(. It's like I only heard like 20 minutes of their performances and then booom! I was in pain until 1am++. Kind of it's my own fault la, shouldn't have drank the alcohol before taking my dinner, but they serve my dinner so late lah :(. I was thirsty, how was I supposed to know a sip of tequila would do that to my poor tummy?

Okok, enough of the whiny stuffs, back to the awesome quartet. It was held at No Black Tie, a small double storey kind of house on Jalan Mesui, located in the hearts of KL I shall say. Inside, it's quite small and it could accommodate up to 40 pax I think. I also think that jazz is not everyone's cup of tea, that night itself, the crowds consist of mostly classy caucasians and chinese.

We were the odd one out, we looked like 14 lost law students found ourselves trapped in a jazz concert XD.

Shall share some group pictures we took :)

from left to right : Me, Jack, Grace and Rachel a.k.a the gossip gang :P

me and Jack the mimbo LOL.

Group picture yo :)

Everyone dressed up so nicely for the night :)

We left around 1am even though the performances were still going on, that's because some of us have curfew :(, and I was in so much pain that I think i'd be a nuisance with my head down on the table while the quartet is performing two tables away from my table :X.

I wanna thank everyone for making this awesome outing happened!

Also, would like to thanks Faiz for driving me to and fro even though he lives temporarily in KL now.

mmm, ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH JACK, for walking with me to the mini market to get my tummy medicine in a sea of clubs and people from various backgrounds.


OH, thanks Rachel for bunking over at my house, had an awesome sleepover withchu :D

So people, if you have a thing for Jazz, or you would just like a change of environment, or just wanna try something new, maybe can head on to to check out their events date. It's not a bad choice to choose to spend an evening listening to live jazz you know :). They are really awesome at what they do, however cover charges may differ and time of the performance varies.

For the one we went, it was RM30 per person for the cover charge and the food & beverages were a bit expensive. However, you can opt to just order a drinks there and listen to jazz all night then head out to the mamak for food after the performance XD.

Yours Truly.

Thank you for reading :)

Premiere Screening of Fairly Legal @ Ecoba

I was one of the ten lucky winners for the premiere screening of 'Fairly Legal', an english legal series by the Diva Universal and the MSN Entertainment Malaysia. I was allowed to bring a friend with me, so I decided to bring Felicia with me :), always my kaki hang out XD.

This is the poster for the series. 

  "Fairly Legal" is a television series starring Sarah ShahiMichael TruccoBaron Vaughn, and Virginia Williams. Basically this series is about Kate Reed (a really attractive woman) changes her profession from lawyer to mediator and works at the San Francisco law firm her father started. Well, to know more, do tune on Ch702 to watch the premiere show at 9pm on May 5 (Thursday)

Oh guess what, we bumped into Caroline Ng there :), was great meeting her for the first time. The world is such a small place really, I just commented on her pan mee post like a few days ago, and then there i met her for the first time. She's a really sweet girl I must say. 


The emcee of the night was Serena C, and the screening kind of started late. I didn't take many pictures, mostly was Felicia with her compact camera and Caroline with her fancy DSLR :P. She was invited by Kelvin Tan. Then, later their friends, whom I only recognized one of them as Rebecca Saw came and join us. 

Oh well, not much food were served. We only got to have the chips, breadsticks and also some gourmet finger food.

Drinks were free flow though, only three choices, beer/wine/orange cordial. Needless to say, I drank orange cordial LOL.

The event was ok la, kind of crappy la because NO DINNER :(. SAD RIGHT. but ok la, the show kind of nice la, I left at 9pm sharp though lol. Ok la, time to steal some pictures from Caroline's blog LOL, because I didn't take any :(

Serena C as emcee

Us :)

Oklah, that's all for now :). 

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