Monday, January 31, 2011

what i want to do after cny

'oh hey i don't need violence to enjoy a movie, just as long a lil nudy.' - Joey, 'Friends'

'we thought we had a monkey, but we don't, turn out it was a hat! no a cat.. *giggle*' - Rachel, 'Friends'

lol, yes I've been watching 'Friends' when I'm not doing anything. The law classmates went to Red Box to celebrate Rachel's 21st birthday too! Oh well, that's not the point. This post will be about what I want to do after this super duper long cny holiday. 

The List :

1. Complete all my assignments.

2. Study more.

3. Community Service Club projects and events.

4. Volunteer for Legal Aid Centre.

5. Must check Uni e-mail constantly for updates on how to apply for accommodation.

6. Also must constantly check flight ticket's price.

7. Then, it will be visa application time!

8. Spend more time with all my friends, must treasure all the time here.

9. Throw away the antisocial habit, open up!

10. Always wake up with a smile on the face, the world is a better place.

11. Stop eating so much!

12. Watch more horror movies, I think I should watch every horror movies in the theatre.

13. Club and bar search ;).

14. Search for good food!

Me (with the mic), and the birthday girl, Rachel 


Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a girl thang!

Oh ya, it's that time of the year again, surprisingly as years goes by, I really stop feeling the excitement for Chinese New Year. I remember how I used to fuss all over Chinese New Year, the visitings, the extra red packet money, the food and most importantly then new clothes! Oh well, this time of the year, in 2011, I feel like this is just another festival, another day. To be honest, the only thing I am grateful about for this Chinese New Year, is that I won't have to go around visiting my relatives, because we used to just spend the whole day or sometimes 2 to 3 days just hanging out at their house doing nothing. Grown ups will catch up while we the younger ones will just be bored to death.

Ok, I'm not complaining, for this Chinese New Year would be the last Chinese New Year I would be spending here in KL with my family and friends, I would of course enjoy it to the fullest with them. The memory of last Chinese New Year still lingers on my mind, we spent the entire CNY in Japan, all that memories seem so far away now. Somehow, my family just got used to spending Chinese New Year abroad because it's a long holiday, we just can't bear the thought of doing nothing here in KL for a week other than visiting and stuffing ourselves with food. Oh ya, the jam on the expressway too. This year, since it's the last Chinese New Year here in KL, I'm spending it with my parents and granny in Taiwan. Just another chillin trip, to pass some time with my parents, because I'm pretty sure that they are gonna miss me a lot when I leave :).

I am not feeling the excitement though, I don't know why. I hardly ever feel excited for anything anymore, not even shopping and I'm a natural born shopaholic, almost like Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series :/. When was the last time I feel excited again? I could hardly remember. Prolly when I was about to leave for my Europe trip I guess? or when I thought I was about to die up there at the podium during my moot? Oh wait, that wasn't excitement, that was fear and tonnes of butterflies in my stomach.

My CNY holiday started yesterday, the 29th :). I didn't really have any plans, because usually I reserve my weekends for my family, I'm a family person :P However, last night I got ditched by my parents, they sorta just decided to make their own plans and inform me last minute, oh well fine by me. I had a few choice though, to THE HILLS with my brother and a bunch of crazy people doing crazy things or just a girls night organized by me :D. Thus, I decided to ask Min out on a girly date, just doing the girl thing, chilling and talking. Last night was lots of talking, eating and camwhoring. We sort of just walked around, went for a movie and then chilled a bit, (Library, Sanctuary etc.) If not for our gender, we should really do it more often yo. By 12 o'clock, my phone was vibrating non-stop from all that calls already, first my mum and then hers. Seriously, sometimes it's just sucks being a girl you know. Curfews and rules. Anyway, we still reached home around 12.30-1 lol. Gah, and Min also had to report her safety to her other half when she's home too. Rules and regulations tsk tsk. Thank God I'm single :D.

Sisters :)

This is how the carpark looks like at midnight, not scary because I turned it into a joke and we laughed all the way into her car X)


Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's your story?

Collages are such fun!

Don't you think?
Especially when I cannot decide which picture to use, I'll just combine everything lol.
Collages tell stories, in a way.

these are my stories...

so what's yours :)?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

and the appeal was allowed with cost :')

and the judges have each deliberated and came to a conclusion that 'the appeal is allowed with cost'.

That was the happiest sentence of the day, from all the stressfulness and sleepless nights, and efforts spent on preparing the paperwork for the moot. Actually being the second team to moot, has more pros than cons. I get to be done with it BEFORE Chinese New Year holidays, and there was only one external judge instead of three. Anyway, it was still a scary experience for me, I paled just by watching the first team moot. The colour was totally drained from my face. I gotta say it was the first time ever that I get to watch a live moot, and it was the people that I know that were fighting against each other :). and again, congrats to the respondent's team, William and Zhe Xian for winning the moot :)

Words can't describe the 1 and a half hour I had to go through. The experience was still fresh on my mind. Also, it's only through mooting, I get to understand people's nature more, because it's a teamwork thing.

As I stood on the podium, the butterflies in my stomach just flied away, it was an enjoyable experience because suddenly, i just forgot about how nervous I was because I realised that.. 'THIS IS THE MOMENT, THE MOMENT WHERE ALL MY HARDWORK WILL BE PAID OFF' and I told myself, 'Oh my, it's time to show them what you got! The stage is yours and this is your moment!' I did stumble when the judges shot me with questions and stuffs, but I do remember what the seniors told me, yea it's like that because in real life, court hearing is way way tougher, we just gotta hang on to our principles and do not waiver. I did stoned and got so nervous to the point of stuttering, but it was ONE HELL LOT OF FUN!


We won the case :D and was the best team :')

*butterflies in my stomach*

My partner and I :)

Can't pat my own back, so ya that explains why the panda-eyed girl got herself a 'happiness in a bowl' :P

This mooting experience is not gonna make me scare of everything Law-related. If I had to choose again, I would still choose Law School :).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The weekend of an incurable shopaholic.

She did not mean to walk to this part of the mall, all she wanted to do here today was to restock on the groceries as told by her granny, buy her favourite cake and then head home. Somehow, she finds herself walking towards this direction and then starts browsing through the many varieties of attires. Then, their eyes met. To be more accurate, she laid her eyes on it. It took her breath away instantly and she knew that she just had to have it. As she holds the dress in her hands with less than RM40 in her wallet, she mentally says "alright this will be the last dress I would ever purchase for this month, it's for Chinese New Year because I haven't shop for Chinese New Year yet, I'll need a decent dress for this occasion, at least for visiting relatives and to be presentable." She opens her mouth and asks the aunty "Hello aunty, how much is this?" There the aunty goes "Hey yo pretty! You have good taste! This is handmade and it's my own designed brand, I'll give you RM45! Very good bargain, better grab fast as when 4pm strikes, many girls would be in this bazaar shopping for CNY, you wouldn't want to miss out on this pretty dress! It suits you perfectly!" Trying to open her mouth but failed miserably, she just kept nodding and saying "Yes, aunty I agree with you." But, how? She didn't plan to shop today and she did not have enough cash!

Then, an idea strikes. "Oh hey, my house is like 5 minutes drive away, given that it's peak hour now, probably an additional 15 minutes due to the jam on Persiaran Surian. Alright, I shall drive home and get the cash!' Happy with her own thought, still holding the dress and trying to maintain a calm face, she tells the aunty "Aunty, I'll be right back." She walks away calmly at steady pace out of the aunty's sight, and then she fastens her pace towards basement and into her car. Inside her car, she mentally comforts herself "There there, you did well, now you just have to endure the 15-20 minutes jam that you have passed by twice this morning to get your cash at home :)."

After what seems like forever, she reaches her house, put down the groceries in the kitchen and then goes up into her room to find her cash. "AH, found you :)." She gets her money and heads back into her car, then she braves the jam once more through Persiaran Surian and goes back into the mall. She did not care about anything else, other than the dress being clearly crafted out in her mind, every single details of it. She successfully parks her car in a spot not too far from the escalator, then runs up into the part of the mall where the flea market is situated in. She calmly pace and browses through the whole flea market, as she did not want to appear to be too eager or desperate for that dress. Soon, the urge becomes a bit overwhelming and she finally walks back to the aunty's store. She hops towards the aunty and says "Hey aunty, I told you I would be back." Aunty responds by saying "Oh, you are back for the dress." She gets the dress and tries to visualize herself wearing it, while thinking ''Ah, just the way I like it.". "Ok, aunty I want this, oh wait *points towards another dress* this seems nice, how much is it?" The aunty smiles and says "Oh lady, this one is good, I have customers buying this dress in all four colours, but anyway this dress costs RM65." She beams at the sight of that white dress she just laid eyes on " Holy mama, isn't this dress even better than the one I am holding? Oh, there are fifteen days of Chinese New Year isn't it? I can have both! :D" She grabs the second dress and browses some more.

Highlight of the day. Her phone rings. "Oh, it's mum." So she answers it and mummy goes "Where are you dear?" She tells her mum that she's doing Chinese New Year shopping. Mummy laughs and then agrees to sponsor her Chinese New Year shopping. They hang up and she goes back to the aunty's store.

Unknowingly, she walks away with a bag filled with lovely dresses with a smile on her face.


I did not mean to be a shopaholic, it just happened.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

besides law, i heart my friends :).

oh ya and this..

:) HEARTS*!!

power of camwhore in the car with a netbook 

----time out ends here, back to books :)----

Monday, January 17, 2011

My life as a law student

1. Wake up, shower, eat, catch a breath.

2. Study, with the company of caffeine.

3. The most important food for survival during odd hours -> chips! *VERY IMPORTANT*

4. Stress? Ignore or go to bed.

5. De-stress? Flood Twitter/Facebook as I have no one to turn to.

6. Develop muscles from carrying all that heavy textbooks.

7. However, at the same time grow sideways from all the chips intake.

8. My iPad is my carry-on everywhere I go, it contains all my Law materials, and if it dies (like what happened today), I'm a total dumb dumbo.

Bless me, I'm such a healthy person I know.

toodles <3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

dns :O

I remember how I used to beg my brother to bring me to the theatre for horror movies, and that took a lot of effort because my brother thinks that horror movie should be watched at home, not the theatre, it's a waste of money *quote him*. He brought me anyway, because I disturbed him like crazy and all my friends were too chicken to go for those movies with me. Anyway, you know how when you watch a certain horror movie, you are supposed to be at cautious state and be all scared and hyped up? That was supposed to be my purpose for watching horror movies! Anyway it didn't happen with me last night!

After a long day at university and also some hardcore in the evening, I decided to reward myself so I went for a movie night with my movie buddies yesterday. I've heard all the negative reviews on Paranormal Activity 2, and having watched the first one, I really didn't expect much from it. However, you gotta continue what you started :) and this applies to ALL. We made our way to the theatre and sat down. I gotta say this, the movie was really dull in the beginning AS EXPECTED. I didn't know what was happening until like 20 minutes later since I was late for the movie. Anyway, the movie was filmed in the video camera recording style and so it felt kinda real. I really didn't know that the movie is fictional until I Google-d about it yesterday!

So, there were certain moments of the movie when it got kind of scary, we were supposed to scream and all, but thanks to my movie buddy, I ended up laughing. I mean how would you expect me to react huh? When I was startled, I heard him went 'OH FCUK! *laughs* That's why I laughed instead. Oh btw, there were a few moments when the movie kind of shocked me. Nonetheless, I feel that this movie explained and helped clarify about Paranormal Activity 1. It's not the best movie, actually both are kind of crappy (PA1 and PA2) but anyway it makes sense to me :).

My advice is, do not watch Paranormal Activity 2 if you have short attention span, you'd be fidgeting non-stop in your seat. That's because the film drags on and on and then BOOM, something happens. This movie really dns -_-"

OH WELL, if your heart can't take it, go watch some comedy or romcom. Oh watch Love & Other Drugs, maybe you would feel better watching love movies.

without words.

I shouldn’t have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didn’t see it, like I couldn’t see it
I shouldn’t have looked at you in the first place

I should have run away
I should have pretended I wasn’t listening
like I didn’t hear it, like I couldn’t hear it
I shouldn’t have heard your love in the first place

It's such a sad scenario isn't it?
Good lyrics still exist :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a confession.

You know when something gets too addictive, and you have to have it every single day, it's time to find a solution = quit. There are many types of addiction out there, here I'm going to take the example of coffee because I myself is crazy about coffee, I can never ever quit drinking it.

Many of us won't admit to being addicted to coffee, but we have to have it everyday, or we simply find excuses to have it every now and then.
Reasons like..I'm tired so I have to drink coffee. I'm beat so a coffee would really helps. I can't open my eyes, need a stimulant, ahhh COFFEE! These are actually just pure excuses I came up with every now and then simply because I needed to drink it, it's like a necessity for me.

Alright, you might go to caf├ęs like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans etc. for your cup of coffee, however traditional brands still have a strong grip on some of us.

Are you a fan of black coffee?

Maybe coffee with milk and whipped cream for some sweetness?

Or... are you hardcore drinker and love the pure taste of coffee?

Don't like your cup of coffee to be warm?
Iced Coffee is good too :)

or.. the one that all of us are familiar with..
Starbucks Frappucino yo.

I tried quitting coffee, and failed miserably. I was sober for two weeks and then relapsed.
How am I supposed to quit when someone brings up something about coffee, my eyes shine with hopes and dreams?

Nonetheless, I'm a happy girl *holding my cup* oh btw, I love nescafe and mocha lol.

*credits to every sites I grabbed the coffee pictures from.*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

here i am.

so ya, now I'm currently in LT18, we are having presentations on Law Society, Mooting, Lexicon and Community Service Club. Oh god, we are the last to present, so bored now, but interesting talk by Law Society :D

boo, introducing the community service club committees from the October cohort!

We took this picture for the sake of the presentation slides. but then... we got sort of addicted to photobooth and started camwhoring...

some of our lameness hahahaha

ok la, back to focusing on their presentation :P toodles!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fern's 20th B'day Celebration

I was invited by Fern to her b'day celebration at Mist Club last Saturday. I decided to join her despite after having went there with P and gang on Friday night. Oh, the contrast of both nights, nonetheless had lots of good time with my friends.

Group pic, notice how cute is the birthday girl? Fern is in the middle btw :D

Fly FM Prem was the dj on duty that night, the music was ok and I'm glad the birthday girl enjoyed that night :).

Gotta run now, til then peeps :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

just one smile.

Today would be a wonderful day not to take life so seriously.
Today may end up the way you prefer - and it may not.
Happiness is not about being a winner -
it's about being gentle with life -
being gentle with yourself.
Let life be a dance,
and choose the kind of dance you want for today -
perhaps a gentle loving dance.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

embrace the first night of 2011 from Sands Skypark

I had the priviledge to go up til the 57th floor to view the city on the first night of 2011. Of course it wasn't for free, my parents paid for it lahhh XD

So each of us spent 20SGD to go up to Sands Skypark, Singapore just for..


this and..


It's really hard to get nice shots at such a dark and windy night with a lousy camera, must get a good camera before UK :).

SOOOOO windy.
BTW, it's me and the city view at the back *sigh*

Hello 2011, I'm ready for you.
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