Friday, July 31, 2009

mm hmm

Thank God it's not H1N1.
Thank God it's not Dengue.
Thank God it's just normal serious viral infection.
Thank God the puking stopped.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Daddy and Mummy scolded me.
All I managed to say was,
'Stop it please, I'm suffering over here, save it for later please.'
Seems like going to college today was wrong.
Skipping college tomorrow.
Gosh, why am I skipping classes like nobody's business?
Today it's 38 degree.
Puked like thrice. Finally revisited the doctor again.
Suspected of H1N1.
Gosh, I must cure by tomorrow else they will quarantine me.
Need to eat something and take med now.

Today started off well
but it ended..I-don't-know how to describe this.

P.S I hope yan will be alright.

Stop taking my health away from me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Skipped classes for the first time in Semester Two today.
And I skipped double Mathematics.
I really couldn't stand it anymore.
Was seeing double vision and floating.
Turned out, struck by fever.
39 Degree Celsius.
Doctor called it 'High Grade' Fever :/

Was supposed to join Sue's birthday celebration.
Last minute I went clinic hunting.
First three in SS14 were closed :(, due to lunch hour I think.
The fourth one in KD was opened.
Funny thing was, doctor thought I had durians :/
Not an avid fan of durians lah, can't imagine it down my throat :/
I think I had too much of snacks :/

Opportunity : Slept for 2 hours, felt rested and energized.
Cost : I missed 2 hours of Mathematics!

I shall catch up tomorrow.
adios amigos people :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poem of Bragi

There was an emptiness in me,
I was imprisoned by the thought of loneliness,
With one honest touch you set me free,
You spent your precious time with me,
You made me laugh and made me cry,
These memories will never be forgotten.

I know they say if you love somebody,
You should set them free,
I know even if I leave you now,
You won't shed tears for me,
Because you're not the person you used to be,
The one who wanted me for who I am.

And so I'm letting go of everything we were,
It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt me,
But at least I know it won't hurt you,
I am giving you a chance,
To live your life and,
Be able to spark flames with your loved one again.

I tried to give the best in me,
But I couldn't give you what you need,
For your and I are going seperate ways now,
And so I know it's time for me to be fair and let go,
It's over and let's face it,
All that's happening here is the long goodbye.


Venue : everywhere around SS15 and Taylor's



Yan told me to snap these, beautiful ain't it?


Somewhere far away, we are all gazing upon the same sky :)



Someone having hearty lunch :) from home

Someone fell asleep.

The usual places, usual people, only the time has changed.
Life is short, treasure it.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Only when something happens,
Then we will realize how much we love someone,
And how much place has the person taken up in our heart.

There's only one way to say these three words, yet I don't say it.
I love you, you know that?
I would do anything just to see you smile again.


Just got home from having lunch and shopping for ingredients.
Saw lots of policemen.
Wondered what happened, did a u-turn.
Saw a dead body lying by the roadside.
Blood everywhere.
The motorcycle was out of shape.
The dead body was covered with newspapers.
Life is fragile.

Some passerby LAUGHED at the sight of it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Booo AS Finals Booo

Oh ya, somebody just reminded me that the first day of my finals fall on my birthday LOL.


I'm here happy happy and bimbo bimbo camwhoring with my non-straightened + lalang hair and a cup of soymilk.

Nevermind LOL birthday is no Big Deal xD

P.S The Taking Of Pelham 123 is a very nice show, *thumb up* A+ if watch in Premier Class :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

AS/A2 Final Timetable


click on the picture once to magnify

P.S The real timetable is too long, this is a list of the subjects I am taking.
AS and A2 included.
I really feel the pressure now *SIGH LOUDLY*

Friday, July 24, 2009

Something random from my desk..

There are many things in this life that I didn't wish for it to happen, and yet it did.
Instead of blaming the world for it, why not just smile and accept the outcome?
I believe everything happens for a reason.
To not acknowledge this truth, is like denying the existence of karma.
Ignore the existence of it, the outcome will still dawn upon us.
There is no escape or shortcut.
When others face similar situation, it is an easy task to tell them to have a big heart and accept all these with a smile on the face.
Yet, when it comes to myself, can I really do it?
Can I really achieve it?
It is not hard to say or predict the outcome, because I am working hard on it.
And I really do believe that I am halfway there :)
Everything is in my own hands.
To shape my own future, there is only one way.
That is to work hard myself.
And of course with a little help from above :).
If problems stay problems forever, and one refuses to find solution to it, then so be it.
I shall no longer bother with it, because I live for the people who love me.

It's Friday :)

Tomorrow is Kwang's birthday.
Today we celebrated his birthday with him in class.
Not really celebrate, just bought a cake for him.
He blew it and I cut it lol.

The Surprised Kwang :)

After Thinking Skills, I waited for Aiyann in the carpark.
I twitter there :P
Time flies when you twitter.
Norman accompanied me because he was waiting for his tutor.
After that, I spotted Aiyann and we went to Starbucks.


Aiyann :D

The Woman :)



My Candid Shot


Regular Iced Vanilla Latte and Dark Mocha Frappucino

Close Up on both drinks :)

The Bill

I had a good time with Aiyann.
We went to pack her lunch in Mcd and then I sent her home.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ish, today backache like don't-know-what.
Nonetheless, today was eventful, I was able to forget the backache for a while :)
Pictures shall do the talking now.

This is..
Wee Wee and his flawless skin

Today was a cold day, Wee Wee gave me his jacket :)

Look at Wee Wee's goosebumps
Thanks Wee

I present you with the series of events which happen next.

Skinny Soon series of Gayness





Can't let Wen Wen steal all the limelight right?
I present you with a lil bit of Lai :)

See what Lai was doing with the aircond

Lunchtime was eventful

Venue : Subway :)

Ate with our mentor, Mr Peter.

Queue-ing Up

Personalizing their subs

Bon Appetite WITH The Gang!

Then I present you Selva & his 'everything mix together' Subs

'Jolyn, can I eat yet? I want to eat my food!'


Wen Wen and Me :)

You're welcome, love.
The phone is just a small favour of mine.
Thanks for being there for me when I needed ears.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simply Red

Red is the new trend :)

Taylor's College SS15 was flooded with people in red today.
And I thought only me and PM2 planned to wear red lol.
Even my class, there were five people wearing red shirt.

Solar Eclipse LIVE! in PL3

Chua caught eating in Physics Lab

Experiment time, this is Shasha's hand.

Behold the beautiful sight of Taylor's from ECA Centre!

Beautiful ain't it?

During Lunch
I couldn't wait to ciao lol

Spot me in Aiyann's phone screen ;)


After Lunch

Wee Wee agreed to pose for me ^_^

Shasha looked...I dunno =.=

When three professional posers have nothing better to do..

do this.

Guys will always be guys

Tried new flavour in Let's A Cup with Ah Bang after college.
It was not bad.
Joey got his Tiramisu Chocolate and I got Latte.
*Thumb Up* for both :)

adios amigos people.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today started off moody and gloomy.
I was surrounded by this aura of mine which was so dark and overwhelming.
Couldn't smile or joke at all.
Did not speak to anyone for the first two period.
I only waved and texted people.
Just didn't feel like talking.
I didn't eat anything until 10.
Used my breakfast and chit chat time to do extra homework.
I kept looking at my watch every now and then.
Today was like a judgment day to me.
Then, 9.52am.
Mum's text arrived.
'I'm here, it's raining and be quick.'
Miss Jean went on and on..but all I could think about was to get out of 3.16!
And so, the class ended.
I ran like a mad woman towards my mum's car.
Then we started our journey to Assunta Hospital.
I'm due to visit my 'bestfriend' a.k.a my scoliosis doctor.
This visit would determine whether I would need to undergo operation.
We reached there around 10.30am.
I went for X-Ray first.
This is the most boring yet scary stuff.
I did the routine stuffs, need no reminding from the radiologist.
I stripped down to underwear only and wore that ugly green robe.
Then, I waited with one room of people wearing identical robe.
Some with their feet wrapped, some with their head wrapped and some on wheelchair.
I made mummy wait for me in Starbucks because one people worrying is still better than two people stoning together.

'Jolyn Toh?'

It was my turn.
The radiologist took my X ray for about 5-6 times.
It was freaking long and I changed from room to room just to get screened.
I wondered how many cells of mine have died in the process.
This changes of room thingy did not occur the last time I came to visit Doctor CCS.
It was a long, boring and nervous 1 hour for me.
I couldn't help fidgeting.
By 11.30, everything was done and I'm back waiting outside Dr. CCS clinic.
It was freezing cold outside his clinic because it was raining heavily outside.
At the same time, I couldn't help wondering what Normy, Lai and gang doing.
How I wished that I was there with them.
Instead I was here alone in this big building surrounded by painted white walls.

Then, I entered the room.
Dr. CCS showed me my X-ray film.
First thing he asked me 'How old are you?'
I said '17++'.
He was silent for a while and then he went 'Luckily you're 18 soon, else a surgery is a must, my dear.'
He added 'and your shoulders are parallel, so you do not need to worry.'
Well, now the answer is an operation is optional.


why the need to go through the pain and give myself a scar?
However, he needed me to go back for another visit 6 months later.
The next visit will confirm whether I really do not need a surgery.
And also maybe I can say Goodbye to my braces a.k.a my longtime sleeping mate since I sleep wearing it every night.

I couldn't feel more relieved.
It was like a heavy burden got lifted off my chest.
Well, it's not like I'm scared of the surgical knife.
It's just that I did not want to give my parents the mental torture.
I started talking and I went Starbucks for a second round with my mum :).
Afterall, I didn't eat anything since morning.
Then, we journeyed back to Taylor's.

After hospital visit

Maybelline was giving free make over and free products.
Normally I would reject but today I felt adventurous.
And so I went and I did a make over.

Stuffs they gave me

Please help me through these six months.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey Monday

Today was a monotonous day

I mean it's bad enough the boring talk got postponed.
And then Miss Jean entered the class 30 minutes late.
Then LAN class was canceled simply because the computer malfunctioned.


This morning, EWEE and SELVY dressing were interesting!


ah just kidding, actually I don't mind because I know you are a busy BOY -.-"
When EWEE entered the class, everyone was staring at him.

the carpenter pants :)

Then everyone was like...
Then the camwhoring session began.

Chua didn't notice.

Wei Wen was saying 'No!'

EWEE! Don't merajuk ok? I'm not teasing your pants.
I just love the way you looked today xD
I even took a picture of my jean + your jean.





I realized our jeans are of the same colour!

Homework time, ciao people.
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