Tuesday, July 14, 2009


First let me introduce you to my new kawan (:

Aiyann (:



I'm gonna warn you that this is going to be a photos post because
in this post, I am going to expose you to the life of college kids.
(Note: Other than attending classes)

This is what college kids do when they have been in college for 7 months.

Outside class in the morning..
College Kid 1

In discussion room..

College Kid 2
Jian Wen with my jacket

College Kid 1 and 2 SS MOMENT..

Jacket Version

Cute Version

Lai with Jian Wen's hoodie

Super Lai

He is struggling to wear my jacket


'Jolyn! See my muscles!'

How to wear the jacket?

My Version (:


Wee Wee drew this during our Double Physics lessons (:
A satellite and a golf bag

Til then.

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