Friday, July 3, 2009

A Blue and Hot Friday

Isetan is having PRE-sales like crazy and here I am.
I'm blogging instead of being there.

Well, the clothes would have looked boring anyway.
Sipping my cup of homemade juice, I'm trying to relax my mind for the first time after so long.

Meditate and blog :)

Today is the fifth day of college.
not a completely boring day because as usual,
jokes were cracked during classes.
I think I almost passed out already in college.

I'm starting to dislike the Econs lecturer.
I'm starting to adore the new Thinking Skills lecturer,
well I am looking beyond her boy's slipper.

During Physics, Mr Chan was telling us about his amusement park experiences.

Mr Chan explaining bout the spinning cup we see in amusement park

I went KFC for lunch AGAIN with the girls, Chua and
Wee Man a.k.a Wii Man a.k.a Man Man a.ka Wee Wee.
Wei Wen's eyes was shining the whole time, can see that she been anticipating for this lunch.


Wee Wee and Chua eating while worrying about the amount of calories intake

Wei Wen was a happy woman.

OMG, 20 minutes left!
Shasha and Shyu Fei gobbled down their burgers.

'It's hot!'

I raced back to college around 11.45am, TKS at 12!
I was afraid that I will be late >.<. I reached class around 11.55am, luckily she hasn't reached my class yet. I was practically out of breath already when I reached class. Today's TKS lesson was interesting. Kwang brought up an issue regarding the evolution of ape into man and woman during the class.
There was a question in which the conclusion states that woman will never make good artist.

At last it's 1pm.
Time to leave, wanted to go for the sales but mama didn't let.
I drove back instead.

While driving,
I saw a WHITE sport car, too excited so i snapped it.

People filming in front my house,
I was VERY tempted to cari pasal with them.
The sun was hurting my skin, I wonder how could they stand the burning heat?

The more I don't want to be reminded of him,
the more often I will run into him,
that's what I call awkward moments

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