Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Three Places in 2010

I'm just gonna post about three of the few places I visited in the year 2010 to wrap up this year :). Actually, these three places hold significant memories and meanings that if I wasn't living in Malaysia, I would consider living in these areas :D. If not, I would really like to revisit these places one day :D

#1 - Singapore

You know, I really love Singapore. I could live there forever. I've been there for five times this year, entered Universal Studio once, then been to Orchard Road from one end to another end and then another end back to one end, went in to each and every mall on that particular road, window shopped and dreamt bout LV/Miu Miu over there.

No offense, mostly hear-say about the food that like 'which is famous and which is tasty' and then I went and tried all that was said, and none was as told to me. Nonetheless, I love the transport system and how organized everything is over there. The only food outlet I love there is the McD and the only beverage outlet I will never stop loving over there is Coffee Bean. Towards these two outlets, my marginal utility will only keep growing and the curve will only keep increasing until maximum and stays there :)

I don't really like the Universal Studio over there, too small compared to the one in other countries, nonetheless good job fitting it in on Sentosa Island. It's indeed a good investment. Another thing I really like about Singapore, is Sands at Marina Bay. I've been to the one in Macao and need I tell you that these two are identical :).

Entered the Sands Casino at Macao but I shall not dwell on the topic here since this is supposed to be about Singapore :). So ya, peeps I know basically thinks that Singapore is like my second home since I went there very often in 2010 despite being in home country, Malaysia.

There's this kind uncle who lives in Singapore too, and that's why we go there often. He would bring us around for good food and company. Where else to find such good guide right :)?

me and my MIU MIU *proud* in front of the ever so famous globe in Universal Studio Singapore(USS)

mummy and i along the street inside the USS

Casino at Resorts World Sentosa

Sands at Marina Bay

my favorite drink, Coffee Bean is everywhere in Singapore.

I only posted bout Singapore here, here and here, didn't want to bore you peeps :).

#2 - Japan

This is another place that I could live in forever besides #1, live off what? Sashimis and fast foods lol! It's been a while since my trip over there, went over there to spend Chinese New Year 2010 and it snowed in areas that weren't supposed to be snowing. Climatic drastic change aye? Anyway I got to experience life in areas like Shinjuku and Harajuku where those places were always depicted in moves to be very dangerous and a lot of mafias live there. Seriously, where else would people dress like cos playing if not in Japan?

You could go around carrying a fake katana and wear your Samurai attire and no one would look at you, no one. Or, you could dye your hair half pink half blue while wearing super mini skirt without leggings at 5 degree celsius and it's normal :)

I shall show you a better version of Universal Studio, one I would very much prefer to go back to in the future :)

doing \/^_^ in front of the oh so famous globe in Universal Studio Japan.

I wouldn't miss out the better version of Disneyland (compared to the one in Hong Kong that I went to in 2009) here too :D

I remember roughly that I had too much fun NOM-ING that day in Tokyo Disneyland

My first time in a yukata on Fuji Mountain

Now that I think of it, I don't have any pictures of me skiing over there, didn't want to risk getting my camera wet :S. That was my second time skiing after Switzerland 2 years ago :D

Brace yourself for the top Japanese sweet I tasted in Japan :D
Tada! Strawberry cake.
Someone kill me please cause I want it badly now and I'm not any slender than I was yesterday and the day before :(.

The little Starbucks kiosk at Kansai Airport, I had my white chocolate mocha over there :)

Oh ya, shopped a lot too over there, WINDOW *COUGH* SHOPPED LOL. You know right, it's high cost living in Japan :(, can't really afford to buy everything there. Nevertheless, really want to have a second trip there in the future.

My previous post on Japan here.

#3 - Redang Island

Of clear water, blue sky and perfect 'sot' company, what else could I demand for a perfect vacation? I spent about almost a week there with fellow PE1-ians as a graduation trip. All of us had fun over there. This place held significant memory and experience for all of us. It's a place we will all remember for a very long time :D

If you ever want to go there, stay at Laguna or Berjaya :D However, I would advice Laguna because I stayed there at that time and it's at the center of all the resorts. Meanwhile, Berjaya is at the far end :S.

This is a perfect island get away, mark my word.

Burying Likky alive *evil laughters*

Group photo :D

For Selvy who didn't manage to join us :D, we love our classmates.

Finding nemo (my version)

Tired of hectic schedules? Tired of the same routine everyday? Just want to catch your breathe and leave everything behind even just for a while? Redang is the place for you :).

I posted about Redang here.

Ahh, this wraps up the top three places in 2010 :). 2010 has not been all good and smooth sailing, nonetheless I learnt from them. Now, Taiwan and Europe #2 awaits me in 2011.


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