Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to Give Away Joy and Be Happy

Smile - the kind that starts at your eyes because you just thought of someone or something that makes you Giggle! Yes, if you giggle or laugh sincerely it shines through your eyes as it comes from your soul.

Decide every day - or every hour that you are willing to be Happy.
Just as you can decide to be sad, mad or upset. But why be sad when you can be happy? Decide to simply just be happy! Being happy is the most important thing in life!


Be willing to make AT LEAST one person happy a day. Always smile at them, show that shining and twinkling eyes! It might just add to the effect!
If you are willing to do that, you will achieve true happiness, at least I believe that.

NO CLUE? try these.

Walking down a crowded sidewalk - Stop on the side and stand still facing the oncoming foot traffic.
Head up... shoulders straight.
Now meet the eyes of those coming at you -- even if they are looking DOWN! Look at their eyes. SMILE.
You'll start to notice that over 70% of those you do this too will look at and directly at you. Then get a slightly bewildered look and then smile!
They can not help it ! You have just passed on your joy and the ability to be happy to another person sharing for the smallest moment your space on the planet.
Your next smile you pass on will be even brighter as you will get back exactly what you have just passed on!

P.S taken and modified :)

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