Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baldie no more.

Hmm, I's gots a flat tyre ze other day, and then all ze three men in my house were not available. I was feeling rather depressed and helpless, why you asked? I was supposed to let Yan and Fern ambush my car so that we can head to SS2 night market to chill :(. Then I just had to get a flat tyre on LDP :(, am always getting a flat tyre on the highway. The last time I got it, I drove all the way to SS15 and had 4 guys from PE1 to help me change the tyre, couldn't change it and had to walk all the way to the workshop to seek a mechanic.

*Sigh* This time, the tyre is brand new :( Then it just gone flat two days later :(. I was feeling so helpless, so I decided to just park under the mango tree in front of Yan's house and off we went to SS2 night market, in Fern's car. Oh well, since can't be helped, might as well go chill first only worry right? XD

Lepak in the night market from 7pm to 9pm. The longest time I ever spent in the night market, but it didn't matter :). This is the last night market session with Yan before she flies off this Sunday, gonna miss her a lot. We went to eat Lok-lok, and all the street snacks. I helped mum to buy the ingredients that she asked and then I decided to try phoning my brother, but to no avail he wasn't available, then I remember that he should be in gym because it was 8pm. Oh well, thank God, Yan's dad was available. Uncle was efficient :D! and Fern drove her car and parked RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the road haha! It was so that the headlights could shine straight at my deflated tyre :D. Uncle took about 20-30 minutes to change the flat tyre in the dark, VERY EEFICIENT!

I was so touched and grateful towards the three of them. Really don't know how to thank them, if it weren't for them, I would have been so lost :(. Anyway tyre's changed to the spare ones, and then the next day I drove to Sg. Buloh to change to a brand new one :D. No more bald tyres :)!

Oh ya, after the whole tyre changing thing, my brother called back and I was right, he was in gym. I felt so grown up hehe, because after everything was solved, I got to inform the men in my house that I'm fine and alright :D!

WOoooooooooooooooooooosh, POLKA POLKA!

Feel so bloody grown up HAHAHA. Anyway I think I'm slightly hyper right now, better sign off :). Toodles!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malaysian Bar and college seal pact

The launch of LAC was reported in The Star newspaper and also blogged in MyConstitution today :).

The following extract is taken from The Star Online.


Sunday March 27, 2011

Malaysian Bar and college seal pact

LEGAL aid usually comes at a high price from private firms and most underprivileged people cannot afford such services, but Taylor’s College intends to change that by launching its first Pro Bono legal aid centre in Malaysia.

It is the first of its kind to be launched by a private university in Malaysia and is now operational at Taylor’s University’s Lakeside Campus in Subang Jaya.

The Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre was officially launched by Malaysian Bar President, Ragunath Kesavan and Taylor’s University Vice Chancellor and President, Prof Datuk Dr Hassan Said.

During the launch , a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre and Taylor’s University where the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre (Kuala Lumpur) will support Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre by providing lawyers and chambering students to supervise and vet the legal advice delivered at the centre.

It will be fully operational by the end of March 2011 and will be under the supervision of Taylor’s Law School dean Dr Rajeswari Kanniah.

Its primary target will be the residents of Subang Jaya and Sunway, as they are the people who live within the vicinity of the campus. However, people from other areas are also welcome to seek legal advice.Prof Hassan commended the law students for their effort and time in establishing the centre. He said Dr Kanniah had also provided an avenue for the law students to apply their textbook learning to real life legal problems, while at the same time performing a much needed community service.

,“We want to instil a sense of responsibility among our students towards the community while emphasising that the legal profession is a noble one which upholds justice for the people, especially those from the lower income group who are not able to seek legal redress.

“They will be better prepared with the theory and practical aspects of law while ensuring they become industry-ready graduates and stand out in the industry well ahead of other fresh graduates,” added Prof Hassan.

“The launch of the centre in collaboration with the Bar Council, is an important step towards our objective to ensure that justice remains within reach for all. This is an important corporate social responsibility (CSR) project that would have a huge impact and benefit the students, staff and surrounding communities,” he said.

The scope of subjects handled by the centre is limited to matters covered under the Consumer Protection Act, landlord and tenancy matters, financial matters such as banking and insurance, family law matters and employment matters. The law students who attend to clients will research the legal problems and prepare the legal advice with help from the Bar Council’s legal aid centre before it is delivered to the client.

Legal assistance provided by the centre is limited to advice and does not cover legal representation in courts or tribunals.

The centre will be open from 2pm to 5pm every Wednesday and Friday from late March. Those interested may walk in to request for consultation, For details, call: 03-5629 5519, Fax: 03-5629 5296 or e-mail:


Amazing isn't it :)?

Can't wait to be on duty.


wondering what's my title about? Oh wells, CCC stands for Coffee Chemistry Cafe and TPKK stand for Tin Pan Kor Kor a.k.a Hong Kong dessert. These two places are both in Kota Damansara :). Where to chill on a hot Saturday afternoon? Well, I met up with some bloggers right after my gym session for tea time :). I've blogged about CCC before and it was a review slightly to the negative part :P. As for TPKK, it was my first time there :). Didn't really know what to expect :)

This is my third time in CCC, so I'll just throw all the pictures in, including from my second visit hehe.

Clockwise from left : Latte, Cappucino and Mocha



Iced Mocha


Shepherd Pie


Adjacent view of all the food we ordered


Fried Rice



Chicken and Ham Wrap


Spicy Chicken Herb Pasta

Oh well, I didn't take most of the pictures here, so I ripped them all from the people I went with hehehe :D.

As for taste-wise, apparently for the pasta it's too oily, I guess it's the sauces problem :P. I was never a fan of CCC's coffee, but they seemed to enjoy themselves very much with the coffee :). The sandwich wrap looked good too. As for the Shepherd Pie, to me it's 'yat pek yeh', means it's one lump of thing, I just can't buy the look of it. Apparently the fried rice is not bad too :). So ya, it's mixed review here, it really depends on what you order :).

After that, the gang and I walked to the TPKK for dessert :P. It wasn't that far from CCC although it was a hot weather, but oh well, don't be a bum! Walking is a very good exercise yo :D!

The menu

and then we placed our order, didn't take long for them to arrive :).

Clockwise from top left : Nata de Coco Soy Beancurd, Mixed Fruit Soy Beancurd, Durian Pancake and Sesame Balls in Ginger Soup.

Guess which one is mine :)?

I've got balls YO! and FIVE OF EM!

I heart tong yuen to the max, but five were just too much for me, I couldn't stomach the last one :P. Apparently the soy beancurd were nothing special and also, the durian pancake was too creamy. Honeymoon have better durian pancake hahaha. Well, TPKK is right opposite Snowflakes and Honeymoon is within sight from TPKK. I thought TPKK would be a new competition towards those two, guess not! Honeymoon still WIN XD.

P.S I can't imagine a life without coffee and dessert XD. Thanks H, J and S for the meet up :D.

Friday, March 25, 2011

sometimes, a girl has gotto let her hair down and forget all these stress.

It's been yet another hectic week, pardon me dear readers (IF there's anyone who reads my blog) for the bitchy and angry post before this, I just couldn't take it anymore and I very much regretted posting that up, but just like a chinese saying : " The water splashed, you can't take it back." So ya, I ain't deleting that post, my apologies. Despite all that flaws in a person, a person still has his/her pride, just gotta let it be :).

Oh well, this week has been all about law school, spending time with my books, gym and family, not forgetting a very good friend of mine, Miss Ai Yan who is leaving soon to India to pursue her studies :(. Gonna miss those pasar malam sessions with her, looking for purses, buying apam balik, kuih, and not forgetting those lok-lok moments!

Anyway come back to talking bout today :). After GPL in the morning, impulsively I just went and chat with Rachel, decided to go out for breakfast and lunch :). So, off we went, gang included --> Me (driver), Jack, Rachel and Grace.

Schedule for today was :

Breakfast - Restoran Silva's @SS15

Lunch - I Love Yoo! @Empire

Tea - Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop @Empire

wanted to head back to campus after that to attend the Law Society's election, was so excited because all our close friends are running for it. Just can't bear the idea of not seeing any of them not in it :). 'Smart ass' me went and took the Sri KL road back to campus, got caught in the stupid jam for an hour+ OMG. Met with the jam created by the school! Ended up in campus only around 2pm :( By then the election was over and done with. However, I'm happy that some of them got what their wanted, I truly am :).

For breakfast, I decided to bring them to Restoran Silva's because none of them tried it before, that used to be PE1 (my A-level's class) lunch spot :(. Was craving for some tom yum maggi anyway, so we headed there. However, they ran out of tom yum :(, ended up getting my dosage of caffeine only. Rachel ordered her roti canai, Grace had her Teh Si and Jack had their maggi goreng for breakfast. OH YA, SOME DRAMA HAPPENED OVER THERE. The 'ah neh'  who took our orders, somehow kept looking for reasons to come up and stand beside Rachel! That's because he could get a perfect view of Rachel's 'voluptous' figure, I feel so pissed for her :(. We were talking bout it for so long because we still feel pretty funny by that incident. After that, Rachel kept pulling her shirt up already XD.

Since I didn't get my tom yum, I decided to get some 'Ham Chin Peng' a.k.a Fried Bun :). Where better but 'I Love Yoo!' right :)? We were happy people hahaha. Rachel and Grace got their usual porridge :D, while I had some 'Ham Chin Peng' :D. I was talking bout 'Ham Chin Peng' with Jack last night, he totally cracked me up by raising the Chin Peng joke. LOL, that's because in Form 5, we learnt that there was a communist leader named CHIN PENG. XD.

Headed over to Whisk for some macaroons after that :). Three of them! TOTAL SWEET TOOTH I TELL YOU! Rachel bought 10 macaroons and they ate them all! I can't take sweet stuffs so I just sat and watch while holding my LEGENDARY LAYS STAX (Sour Cream and Onions), yep that's how I like my Lays Stax XD. 

Here are some snapshots from our small food trip :)

This, speaks for itself.

The chocolate cake that I'm dying to try :(.

This is the chocolate cake, that I'm dying to try :(!

Red Velvet, anyone :)?

No? What about some awesome carrot cake XD?

Ok la anyway we didn't eat the cakes, we came for the..


Our plate :)

More shot :D

"I'm gonna go UK and start building my own Lays Stax tower :D."

Yup, that's what I told them hahaha, because I just love all these cans of awesomeness, finally we're reunited. Oh well, just saying, I won't go back to being unhealthy again :).

That's all for now.

Dear readers, thank you for taking time to read this post :D, Ciao!

Yours truly :).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

boiling point

Sometimes, I think it's not really sometimes, I think it's MOST of the time, that certain someone annoys me so much. Why the hell do you care to know bout everything? When people wants you to know, they will let you know, you don't have to go around digging gossips. Have some limit please, there's a line to everything, you don't have to go around digging about people's lives when it doesn't even concern you. 

Oh, another one. Is there a requirement somewhere in that person's handbook to be such a insensitive person and a show off? We all know how well you did, and you don't have to put up a mask, we know what you are like underneath, just stop acting all fake in front of me and then back stab me, saying I'm the fake one. Come on, let's face it, at least I show it when I clearly don't fancy you. I don't go all smiley smiley and polish your shoes.

 Where are all your manners? All those habits, we are your friends that's why we never tell you. Clearly you should know not to shake your legs and clear your throat every 2-3 minutes right? Do you have to clear your nose every 5 minutes as well? In the middle of the lecture seriously?!

I'm not kidding when I say that I learnt to be more patient and have higher tolerance now. Seriously? calling me fake when you are the fake ones?! That totally set off the button already, I won't listen to your nonsense anymore. One day I hope you stop wondering why people who used to care bout you no longer care bout you, that's because you made them this way.



Monday, March 21, 2011


Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices; it's hard. But if it's the right person, then it's easy. Looking at that girl and knowing she's all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. And if it's not like that, then she's not the one.

-Marshall, HIMYM

-- Mr. L :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Friends :), convincing me to stay.

P.S I love you guys :), absence makes the heart grow fonder ain't it?

Black Swan

When a film won an Oscar, people would be like 'Hey! Now that's something worth watching!' and then all would be rushing to the nearby theatres to watch it :) I did the same too!

I gotta say that I'm really impressed with actors and actresses who are dedicated to their work. They are willing to do anything for the role they are portraying in the movies that they get paid for. Actors like Christian Bale who is willing to get stick thin for 'The Machinist' , America Ferrera who portray herself as an ugly overweight girl in 'Ugly Betty' and now Natalie Portman who starved herself to gain the ballerine figure and of course learnt Ballet before she acts in 'Black Swan'.

Mind you, she's really a dedicated and good actress. At this time, the theatre has 3 movies which has her as one of the actresses. Oh well, the films are 'Black Swan', 'No Strings Attached' and 'Your Highness'. In my opinion, she is a really good actress. I mean for me, I really wouldn't starve myself to be so thin like her and be so dedicated in learning ballet for that movie, oh the sacrifice one would make aye?

The theatrical release poster

This is a disturbing and mind haunting movie, not only does it take your breath away, it leaves a vivid memory in your brain, seriously, take my word for it. I watched this movie twice, first time uncut and second time cut version in the theatre :). It's like when I watch it again in the theatre for the second time, kudos to Portman's performance. I understand and discover more stuffs :). I think I better stop getting all excited about this show.

Rating : 4/5

the most inspiring and memorable catch phrase from the movie:

“I felt it – Perfect – I was perfect.”


Coffee Chemistry Cafe a.k.a Cubic Platforms

Okay, let me just make things clear, I'm not a movie critic nor am I a F&B critic, I'm just an ordinary girl who has been blogging about law school a lot recently :(. Oh wells, it's just that I've seen so many movies and I didn't share what I think about them, it's really a bit wasted XD.

Movies that I've watched in the past few weeks

1. The Rite

2. Black Swan

3. The Fighter

4. Big Mommas : Like Father Like Son

5. World Invasion : Battle of Los Angeles

Oh anyway, I'll blog about those movies in the future, now I wanna make comment about Cubic Platforms :). I just went there for a cup of coffee yesterday. Yea, I went alone, it was an impulsive decision because I wanted to kill sometime before my yoga class. So ya, I just climbed the stairs and found my way there :D

Interior Surroundings

quite a cozy environment I must say.

(This picture is taken from EatDrinkKL.)

Graffeo Coffee

for an avid coffee drinker like me, what's more heavenly than a whole page of coffees to choose from :D?

(This picture is taken from j2kfm.)

After much pondering, I decided on my usual choice of coffee :)

Scroll down to know what it is :D!




Ice Blended Mocha, as always :)

Can't remember properly exactly how much was it but it was cheaper than Austin Chase.


Now now now, I find the coffee a bit too sweet to my liking.

All I can taste was chocolate, ice, sugar and a faint scent of mocha :(

Was a bit dissappointing to me :(, maybe it's just cause I'm picky when it comes to this, because I like my coffee not too sweet :S

Now, with all these hype about it, I'm definitely going back to try it again because I think maybe I ordered the wrong drink the other day :S. So ya, I'm gonna give Cubic Platforms another try :D! (Just like what I did with Austin Chase and Coffee Bean :D!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

what i've become.

I can't seem to find the blogging mojo in me lately, with all these law school stuffs and accommodations. I'm really getting anxious already, all the year twos have applied for their accommodation and flight tickets, I'm still waiting to apply for accommodation, and seems like my RISISWEB is different from the year twos, so ya there's nothing to do except to wait for the visiting professor to be here on the 22nd of March, I have tonnes of questions to ask her :(. If all is well, with the accommodation and also I passed my first year, I'll be taking the 2am flight preferably on the 25th of September :), Emirates of course!

Where is the BLOGGING MOJO in me? I've been so stressed up lately that there's nothing to do but intense yoga and feasting!

When one is stressed up, FOOD COMES LOH.

Jojo's Chilli Pan Mee :)

The best homemade Nasi Lemak that I always eat, now Chopstick style :)

Hash brown & Scramble Eggs for breakfast :)

Austin Chase Ice Blended Mocha :)


My childhood favourite :), sugar icing biscuit.

*sings the food song while signing off*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Legal Aid Centre Launch @Taylor's Lakeside Campus

As mentioned in my previous post, LAC has finally launched yesterday!

There were the VIPs and the medias.

VIPs included Hannah Yeoh, the president of the Malaysia Bar Council etc. The media that were present included Berita Harian and Sin Chew Daily. Anyway the launch was a success, and the VIPs went for lunch at Truffles while we, the committee members of LAC got our lunch money to eat elsewhere XD. Pictures time!

The ribbon (before it was cut) :D

Jack, Kelly, me and Joel :D

poor lighting effect but that's ok :D

I can be Isabell's wingwoman too :D

It was a success! Can't wait to work there before going off to UK for Year 2 :).

Monday, March 7, 2011

everything law ;)

Whoa, I've exactly not been blogging for an entire week :D That's a new record :) Oh well, I've just been really busy with law school. Actually, still am quite busy, what's with all the 3 assignments deadlines one after another, and also there's the Legal Aid Centre launching tomorrow, not forgetting the ongoing Law Speakers Series 2011 which happens almost every week. Ah, law doesn't rest anyway :).

Oh right, let me show you a brief insight of what has been happening with my life alright?

There was the talk on 'Marketing for Young Lawyers'
Basically, we were enlightened with how we should make ourselves marketable and employable in the future when we came into practice :)

Then, the day of the 'Legal Aid Training' came.
Two students demonstrating how a Legal Aid student volunteer interviews an outsider seeking for legal advice :)

Then, finally the second last moot for October 2010 intake :).

The most unforgettable moot, mark my word, I really learned a lot from this moot. It was worth watching, I'm glad I didn't omit from watching it.

Then there was the talk on 'International Criminal Court'. No pictures were snapped because I was so engrossed in the talk that I totally forgotten to snap a photo of Dr. Siva. An actress played the role of a Bosnian victim and portrayed to us her experience while being held captive during war crimes. It was a really heart wrenching session, and I was really into it. Then BAM! We were told that she was acting only. Nonetheless, whatever she portrayed was nothing but the truth. It was indeed very impressive.

Finally, the day of the launch of Legal Aid Centre (LAC) at Taylor's Lakeside Campus is tomorrow, the 8th of March 2011 :) The day where all the legal aid student volunteers has been waiting for :) Today, five of us, the committee members for Law Community Service Club went for the soft launch of LAC, and gotten a sneak peak of the centre, it was indeed very nice :)

Here are some pictures!
We need to be tech savvy too :D

The first thing you see when you walk into the LAC :)

Voila! It's time to sign off now, will blog about LAC after tomorrow's official launch :)!
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