Friday, July 23, 2010

MBuji Cafe,The Coffee Adventure.

I have been passing by this shop very often and always wonder about their coffee.
Since I'm a coffee lover, I decided to pay a visit for tea :)
The mBuji (pronounced as boo-ji) cafe is located in Sunway Giza.

mBuji is a shop that specializes in coffees where it has a variety of coffee beans from across the globe. It’s African-themed shop with African songs & deco. The concept is similar as other coffee chain out there (Starbucks and Coffee Bean etc.)
They also have a barista preparing the drinks for us.

Even the counter is similar to that of Starbucks.

Their coffee beans collection aye :)

Another thing that makes them so different from the other coffee chain is that, part of the money they made from selling coffee here, will be sent back to Africa for charity purposes.
Cool eh? You're drinking coffee and doing good deeds simultaneously :)

Their african deco and photos of who was here on the wall

The mBuji Facts

Their current promotion
Set Breakfast : RM 9.90
Set Lunch : Rm17.90

Anyway, since it was tea time, I did not want to have anything heavy.
So, as usual I ordered a drink and something to nibble on.

Ice Frappe Mocha (RM 11.50)

French Fries (RM6.20)

Anyway this is a very good place to chill.
Though I must say, the coffee still don't attract me :/

I shall bring my mummy here next time!

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crayons said...

crayons said...

I tried their hazelnut dream - it was a dreammm!!!

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