Monday, February 28, 2011

The expression I don't like.

That look of disappointment, yes that look. I really hate dissappointing people. Sigh :(. It's the type of expression I won't ever be able to forget.

Definitely not this noob face of mine.

Oh well, time to reflect and study, have a beautiful night people and let's HELLO MARCH :).

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ma studeh song :)

Higher by Taio Cruz featuring Kylie Minogue

Now I know how to get down on the floor
Experience the moves you can't ignore
But something 'bout this beat that's got me hooked
Come over here and take a closer look

'Cause I can't get enough, I can't get enough
I can't stay on the ground
Whoa, I can't get enough, I can't get enough
This is taking me now

It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground

I do this just for kicks, just for the thrill
I got this high without taking a pill
This move has got me way over the sun
I'm dancing like I am the only one

'Cause I can't get enough, I can't get enough
I can't stay on the ground
Whoa, I can't get enough, I can't get enough
This is taking me now

It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground

The music's got me going higher
I feel like I can touch the sky

It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground

It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground
It's taking me higher, higher
Higher off the ground

I'm currently hooked onto this song, it's my study song :D it's playing in my head all day taking turns with I'm coming home by Diddy feat. Dirty Money :S.

Anyway, haven't been actively blogging, been busy catching up with studies, getting fit and destressing, that's cause the stress keep piling up :(

As soon as I'm up for it again, *the it refers to proper post*, will then do a proper post :). Adios for now :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

something to think about

This stress is unbearable, too overwhelming.

I have too many things on my mind, too many things can't be said, feel like I need more time to be doing more things. Need to study harder and achieve my goal.

Recently I been keeping myself very busy for god-knows-why, I think the purpose of me doing that is to destress and to lighten my mood up, because I'm not one to give up and quit, I've come this far, won't gonna let all these pessimism and negativity to take over me and bring me down.

I want to soar higher and surpass my own limit, I really want to. Therefore, I shall stop being just all talk, time to act. Pain is a sign to wake up :)

To all you out there who put up with my swinging mood and all my friends who are just there when I need them the most, thank you.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


It has been a busy week for me, and before I know it, it's FLYDAY again tomorrow. That's really quick, today is also the last day of CNY a.k.a Chap Goh Meh. For Chinese, things we do today is hang out with our close relatives/family/friends, have a romantic dinner with loved ones etc. However, I did not do any of those today, haha my family don't really celebrate Chap Goh Meh. Do you know that Chap Goh Meh is also Valentines Day on the Chinese calendar? So, today is also another day for couples to celebrate their love hahaha. As for the singles, some will go to the lake and throw oranges, that's because there is an ancient belief which says that by throwing oranges into sea, one would find a good boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

As it comes to this, I can't help but remember some jokes my friends made, like 'I'm gonna throw a pomelo!' or 'I'm gonna throw a watermelon!'.. I was like 'WHY?'.. The answer was bigger fruit, more chance and greater luck. Oh the greed HAHAHA. Many things happened over Valentines day and CNY for people around me. As for me, it is still the same, I'm still me, the same old Jolyn who is blessed with a good life. For this Chinese New Year, I've made a resolution to stay positive and kick the pessimistism away. I mean, life's good when I have a family that I care about, a bunch of great friends, a wonderful university and am also studying the kickass subject. Somehow, when I think like that, everything else just didn't matter anymore. Law school has been treating me fairly good, it is stressful sometimes, but if I were to choose again, it would still be law school, no regrets.

Valentines was just another Monday to me, no celebrations no romance. However, I have a bunch of friends who are single just like me :D! Therefore, we planned something on the night itself. We went to The Library @Curve. There were just seven of us, playing cards, talking and drinking. I had beers and cocktails, never liked alcohol, because I get red easily, same as my mum :(.

The drinks menu, very thick.

Me with the two ladies who feel 'single' heh.

My respect for them for their 'Long Distance Relationship' :D.

One of my CNY resolution is to be fit again and stop my unhealthy lifestyle, so far I'm working towards it :) I hope that my determination will keep me going :D

As for people who got together during Valentines day, congratulation to you both, be cute together forever :D While in the not so pretty picture, for those who splitted up during Valentines day, fret not, you just haven't met the one yet :D If the two cases I mentioned before don't apply to you ladies, then head on down to Taman Jaya lake now to throw oranges, maybe some lucky fella will pick up your oranges ;). As for the guys, good luck in picking the oranges, it's all fate :D

I'm sending some love over to you :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY house hopping with the law mates lor dang meh?

Yesterday was another fulfilling day, it's been a while since I had a fulfilling day, oh well, not since CNY.

I always allow myself to have either morning/afternoon/evening free so that I could just chill, but yesterday I was out from morning til night. Oh well, it was fun to do that once in a while :), but not all the time, pocket bleeding yo! So ya, just a brief summary of what I did yesterday. I was kind of down since I forgone the Friday night BBQ party with law mates in Lakeside because I had no transport, I was so miserable bout it I just stayed in and snuggled on the couch while watching Starworld, LIFELESS ME.

Oh right, yesterday morning I went for a beauty treatment in the morning because my skin was tortured from the Taiwan trip, it was yelling for help! So yea, after the treatment, I had 30 minutes to get to Lakeside to meet up with the CNY house hopping gang, we were gonna hop 3-4 houses. So I was like, never mind I shall go bath and meet them up, MALAYSIAN TIMING. Told Kelly bout me being late, and she was like ok, coz they were all late as well, PHEW. I went to The Curve to get tickets for last night because I had a pact with Min :). We're gonna accompany each other every Saturday night (if we can) until I fly off.

We watched 'I LOVE HK'! It was not really funny but it has moral values, really, never forget your roots, I would never ever forget my root no matter where I go too :).

So, yesterday's house hopping started from Joshua's 'Penthouse' in Subang Height, Elizabeth's 'Mansion' in Puchong and then ended with watching Junior Masterchef Australia in Jonathan's cozy crib :D. Had fun with the guys just sitting around drinking shandy and watching TV. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because had plans with Min at night.

I used Google Map to get to Joshua's 'UNLISTED' house, seriously his house cannot be found on the map. Also, Google Map to get to Elizabeth's house. Phew, who said GPS is the best :P. Enough of the ranting, time for some pictures :D

At Eliz's

The Coffee Machine I dream of having in my crib :)

Meditating space, trust me they really can meditate :S

Looks like some paper money eh? I don't know what it says tho, but no it's edible!

It is..
Some heavenly YUM YUM Iranian cookie I was treated to at Eliz's.
I would have eaten more if I wasn't in a food coma :D

Thanks to Josh, Eliz and Jon for letting us come over for CNY house hopping, we had a great time yesterday, should do this more often HAHAHA. Anyhow toodles!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The memories I wish I never had.

Taiwan, the six days there and what happened after, are the memories I wish I never had.

I really shouldn't grumble too much, and now I also got to know why some people die young, because they die out of disappointment, too disappointed, I think death will find me that way too.

You know why there are old folks. I don't mean to be offensive, and I'm not speaking in general, just a specific someone, but seriously sometimes they can be so narrow-minded. I'm really broken-hearted and feeling extremely sad. I'm still standing my ground and holding up, I totally lost my respect for this particular someone after this trip. It's ok to mess with me and think ill of me when all I did was care for her, but messing with my parents and stabbing them again and again, that's unacceptable, I'm feeling very disappointed in her, no matter how much I pat my heart to try and ease the pain, I still feel as if she is plunging a knife into my major points, can't take those abusive words thrown at my parents. I know she cannot see the look of hurt in both their eyes, but I can see it.

I'm just the kind of people, who just can't care less of what people think of me, life's too short to be worrying too much. However, I really cannot take it when I see everything so clearly from the side, the look of hurt my parents displayed again and again when they got stabbed by those words and actions. The moment those vulgars came out of her mouth, that's it for me, I drew my line, I lost my respect. There's nothing left.

We are both straightforward people, and we were two happy go lucky people. We were happy.


Don't judge me and don't say I'm wrong. At this point of the time, I have had enough of judgmental people in my life and judging done on me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'll still be me.

you know that emotion? that feeling you get when you are so touched, a mixture of emotions just come bursting out, that you don't know whether to laugh or cry, but you are just so touched. I experienced it today. My second brother and I, we aren't exactly the closest sibling ever. but you know what, something happened.

yes, this happened. He freaking gave me my FIRST red packet from him, and he said the most touching thing ever.

"nah, Ling, kor working already, so this is from kor to you, good luck for your studies."

Thank God I didn't cry. Not in my room, not at home, not outside in my car porch, not even when I'm in the car. Never. I'll keep this red packet forever.
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