Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simply Red

Red is the new trend :)

Taylor's College SS15 was flooded with people in red today.
And I thought only me and PM2 planned to wear red lol.
Even my class, there were five people wearing red shirt.

Solar Eclipse LIVE! in PL3

Chua caught eating in Physics Lab

Experiment time, this is Shasha's hand.

Behold the beautiful sight of Taylor's from ECA Centre!

Beautiful ain't it?

During Lunch
I couldn't wait to ciao lol

Spot me in Aiyann's phone screen ;)


After Lunch

Wee Wee agreed to pose for me ^_^

Shasha looked...I dunno =.=

When three professional posers have nothing better to do..

do this.

Guys will always be guys

Tried new flavour in Let's A Cup with Ah Bang after college.
It was not bad.
Joey got his Tiramisu Chocolate and I got Latte.
*Thumb Up* for both :)

adios amigos people.

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