Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zun Express

I reached home around 4.30pm today from One Utama.
Then, my mum told me that dad's gonna bring us to Mid Valley tonight.
And so, I got ready and we headed to Mid Valley.

Daddy damn cool lah ):

Then, we decided to have dinner at the Zun Express.



The Menu

Dad : 'Hmm, let's see.'

Mum and Dad's Food

My Food
Fried Rice with Superior Sauce (:

My Chrysanthemum Tea

Satisfaction xD

After our dinner, we went to WataTime because mummy want to buy Rolex =.=".

'Sorry, no stock.'

Then, we went to Robinson because Robinson is having sales.
I saw something which reminded me of good old times.

The Chicken Prints Plates and Bowls.

And then, we headed home.

Can't resists posing with my future car

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