Monday, June 29, 2009

Breakfast with Jim

Abnormal me pumped Maths til morning,
not cause of rajin-ness but I just feel I should :(
I've been slacking WAY too much.
Then, I got ready for breakfast with Jim, my cousin.

Supposed to be 8.30am!
But Jim called me at 7.58am!
He was already past the guardhouse.
I was still in the toilet!
I got ready within 10 minutes

Then, we were off to Old Town Kopitiam.

You are looking at an excellent example of a 'Safe' driver who drives without using his hands and talking on the phone at the same time =.="
I was beside him

My Coffee

Him and his RM3.90 breakfast set

We had a nice chat. Really missed talking to you cousin :(
Missing out in your life already.

Then we went home.
Because he needed advice from MY MUM :D


The Boss giving advice :)

Then, he left around 12 noon.
I hope he is ok :(

Be strong cousin :)

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