Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tenji da dee dum

Off we went to the land of nightlife,
for Tuesday night supper.

Tenji Japanese Buffet

The Signboard

I was already starving like don't-know-what, because I had my lunch at 3pm and it was already 9.30pm!


I held my head high and walked around snapping pictures of the oh-so-appetizing delicacies (:

Pictures speak a thousand words (:

I heart this xD

All the lil things..

teeny-weeny ones..

futo maki

kawaii desu~

BBQ Lamb


Varieties of Cookies

Arrays of Desserts

All types of Tea


Plate 1 - Sashimi

Plate 2 - Sukiyaki

Plate 3 - BBQ

Plate 4- Baked

Plate 5 - Fried

Plate 6 & 7(missing) - CAKES!

Plate 8 - Ice Cream(s) YUMMEH

AND then.... I KO-ed.

Um.. Mel ate something which only cost RM2.50 outside.

Introducing.. The Big Eater of the night!
Greg ate 10 plates of cod fish =.=".

See what he was trying to do?

Ya, it's exactly what you're thinking =.="
(He was stuffing the food he can't finish into the coconut.)

Time for some actions (x...

The Sweet Couple and Me (:

3 M's
Me, Mel and Mok

Convey and Yei Yuen

Hikari (:

After Tenji...

And this is Mahdi (x..
He star-jumped 50 times for the RM10 reward offered by Greg.

HERE is the chronology of the JUMP

Now, you might think why is this picture so SMALL? well, it's done on purpose (:

The night has been very entertaining (:


I shall be back to Tenji.

P.S Tenji is having promotion now til July whereby we only pay RM49(include tax) instead of the usual RM102(include tax).

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