Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lim Teh With Joey Bang

Joey : Wake up Jolyn! Let's go One Utama eat lunch. So long didn't see you already wei.
Jolyn : *blur* okok what time?
Joey : Um, I'm in KTM now, around 1.30.

Jolyn : okok see u there!

And so I got ready and headed to One Utama to do some shopping first by myself :) because I knew Joey would be late and therefore I could use this opportunity to buy something first xD.

I bought this.Front View

Back View

Joey reached One Utama around 3++pm.

We met up at Secret Recipe for his brunch and my tea break /:
Luckily I ate something at home or else I'm gonna die of hunger.
My American Brownies and Joey's Durian Cheese

Actually he ordered New York Cheese but they served him this instead. So he complained and got his New York Cheese :P
I forgot to take picture of his Lamb Pie ):

He lost weight in Penang, poor kid ):

We went to Theobrama Chocolate Lounge for a drink right after Secret Recipe (:

My Iced Cappuccino and Joey's Little Jane.
He ate the marshmallows already ):

Closer look on my Iced Cappuccino :D

We said bye bye to each other after that because my dad reached home from his 3 days trip in Sabah and he missed me too much that I had to see him at home (:

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