Friday, June 26, 2009

Mummy Part One

Slept at 6am this morning and woke up at 9 something.
Hell, only god knows why I can't sleep =.="

9.48am - Text Message from Mum
Jom sapu Zara, call me when you awake.

9.50am - Call Mum
Me : I thought you said Zara sales no nice clothes then you refuse to go?
Mum : Actually I realised ever since your holiday started, I've been neglecting you A LOT.
Me : Huh? *I know she meant she been hardcore mahjong-ing*
Mum : So, to redeem myself as a responsible and caring mother, I want to take half day off work and give my time to my daughter. We gonna go for hair treatment, shopping and maybe tea time at Ms. Read together.
Me : *I know I should be touched but I continue to 'Huh?'*
Mum : It's ok, we go when you are fully awake.
Me : Ok, bye.

10.18am - A new text message from mum
Aiya cannot go already, my clerk is on leave ):

P.S Actually I don't mind if she cannot go with me,
because I have tonnes of work to do here.
But I'm touched my mum thought of me like that.
She didn't neglect me at all lah.

Mummy, I Love You

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