Monday, June 22, 2009

For the Love of Bread

Apparently loving expensive coffee and being crazy about bread is abnormal.
Below is a conversation between me and kim(my hairdresser).
yes, she helped me dyed my hair and cut my hair.

Kim : next time please marry a man who knows how to bake then your mum can save lots of $$.
Me : LOL, I know how to bake but I'm lazy :P.
Kim : *ignores me*, or maybe can get a man who is named ching min pau OR sek min pau OR min pau OR maybe min fun also can since min fun is the main ingredient.
Me : not bad, but I would rather marry Starbucks' boss xD
Kim : LOL

min pau - bread
sek min pau - eat bread
ching min pau - treat me free bread
min fun - flour

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