Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Marathon

Jie woke me up at 9.30 this morning.
(and he said he gonna wake me at 8.30.)

Got ready by 11. Everything was planned properly and I headed to Sunway with Jie's presents.
Can't stop imagining him with the present xD.
It's so FUNNY!!

Me with the present :P

Drove dangerously today, hit the divider twice but my heart didn't feel anything.
I guess I didn't feel the pain my 'baby' feels anymore (:

Ya, so the movie we gonna watch today were Terminator and Transformer.


well, we went to get the tickets and guess who we saw?

Ya, he was there syok syok joining in the long queue to get tickets for transformer.
I wished him luck :)

Then, we went to get the tickets for BOTH show and we went for brunch.

Jie wanted to bring me to Canton-i but we went to Canton- Bay instead.

We were like 'nevermind'. So we remained seated and ordered food.
Turned out, the food were ok.

After that Sue, Aiyann, Bong, Jia Yi and Jay Sen came to meet us. They joined us for lunch and Terminator (:
Met up with Lai as well, and his hair, I really went speechless =.="

Me, Jie and Aiyann after Terminator

Now, you must be wondering how I rate Terminator?
Well, all I can say is that it was

Then, we went to chill at Starbucks as our next show was gonna be in like 30 minutes time.
We sat at the RM12 seats for Transformer.
Man, it was only normal sofa and it costed RM12.
What a rip off =.="

I met Joanna outside the toilet before the show.

The show was fantastic and some scenes were really touching.

We met up with Sue after that and I drove them both to Old Town for dinner because of the heavy rain and we can't get anywhere due to the heavy traffic around Sunway ):

My phone was like practically ringing every 20 minutes because of mama =.=".
I'm sorry la mama it's not that I didn't wanna go home
but the traffic was a nightmar

Then, I sent him home and I sent Sue to One Utama.
Sue was a good company (:

Sue (:

This is the end of this post,
adios amigos people (:

P.S Had to resort to stealing pictures because I didn't take any :P. So sorry to the people I stole the pictures from xD.

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