Monday, June 22, 2009

No Concept Shoes

As I am still waiting for the photos from the Langkawi trip PATIENTLY,
I'm posting up something else (:

I went to reload my Touch'N'Go card today as mine only left RM6,
I have absolutely no idea how it dried up this quick since I didn't even use it during this holiday.

After that, I grabbed my favourite drinks from Starbucks, stayed for about 2 hours and I stepped into Mustard Boutique.

This boutique has been known for selling hip and creative things ranging from clothes to accessories and shoes.

No Concept Shoes
(please ignore my feet)

Both of these designs are my favourite, I really couldn't decide which pair to have ):

ARGH! This?

or this?!

After hesitating for quite a while, I decided to have the black one. Since it's easier for me to do clothes matching /=.

I'm a size 8 )=.
My feet just keep expanding =.="

Tried to resist the TEMPTATION but failed.

The soul of a shopaholic resides within me (=

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