Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outing (:

Slept til 1pm today because of Genting. I didn't sleep well over there.

thanks to Normy la =.="

He called me around 1pm.

Normy : Wei, Jolyn! Come One U now, come lunch.
Jolyn : Huh? with who?

Normy : me, Lai and Jun Yit on the way.

Jolyn : why?

Normy : come only la, you got no plans also right?

Jolyn : okok coming.
Normy : You need how long to get ready?

Jolyn : um 2 la.

Normy : 1.30!!!

Jolyn : 1.40!

Like buying fish like that =.="
So, I got ready and drove to One U to find Normy and Lai shopping at TOPMAN.
And we ended up at Chilli's for lunch.



Our appetizer, Chicken something, can't remember.


Mine (:
with Lai's, Normy's and our appetizer (:

Our so-called BUDGET lunch.

After our satisfying lunch, we went to MPH and lepak there til about 4pm.
Oh ya and I bought a book :D

We watched Angels & Demons. I didn't watch the ending because I had to 'fly' home ):. Mummy and daddy were booming my phone one after another >.<.

The tired version of me >.<
I also have something random from last night to share here. It's a conversation between my parents.

14 June 2009
Mum : Haiz, two days didn't pass motion already. All the food i eat, where they go??
Dad : I pass motion 3-4 times everyday. All the food I eat can't be absorbed ):
( Ya my dad eats like he didn't eat for few days )
Mum : Yer, how I wished I can pass motion everyday! All the food go where la >.<
Dad : Go where? turn into FATS and flesh la *laughs*
Me : *SWEAT*

This marks the end of this entry (:

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