Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Casino de Genting

Just like my post title, this is about me venturing to Genting with my parents, Convey and Yei Yuen.

I think this is gonna be quite a mundane post, because camera are not allowed inside casino. I didn't succeed the first time when I tried to enter the casino. If I'm not wrong, there are 6-7 entrances to the casino. I tried the most common one and I failed to enter. I had to pretend not to know that the age limit is 21!

Stupid right =.=". Well after that, I went to the toilet, changed my fringe, changed to my mum's clothes and took her LV bag. Then, I held my dad's arm and entered the casino

I mean, nobody was even staring at me. I bet they must be thinking,
'well she must be some china lady..'
I was walking around looking at people playing. That night was a crazy night. Everywhere was crowded with people, well it was like they can't wait to send their money away!
I stopped at the Pontoon, Casino War, Texas Hold'Em, Baccarat and Roullette table.

I only managed to snap a picture of the rather lucky baccarat dealer.

no cameras were allowed after all (:

skillful ain't she?

Now, you must be thinking whether I won or lost?
I can tell you, NADA!

I didn't play that night (: Just walked around looking and stealing free drinks. After all it's FREE!
My mum, dad, Convey and Yei Yuen won xD.
Those are what matter (:

P.S I saw something outside Haunted adventure when I wasn't in casino.

I hope he doesn't fall down.

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