Monday, June 15, 2009

Viva la Paintball.

Yes, nothing is wrong. I'm starting up a blog.
JOLYN is finally starting up a blog.
And my first post will be about 12/6/2009 on PAINTBALL!

Paintball is FUN!!!!!!!

My first paintball experience was an unforgettable one. That night, I was supposed to stay at home after dinner because I didn't have any plans. While having dinner with my mum and brothers, I got to know that my brothers were planning to go for night paintball so I joined them =).

Their friend, even called me to persuade me to go. Our conversation is as below.

__ : hey babe, come for paintball!
Me : ya i'm going, but you sure i can go?
__ : yup, I'm calling to persuade you to go =).
Me : oh, wear long pants ah?
__ : Yes! wear long pants and big t shirt... those like u use to mop floor one..very very old d one.
and and and..wear padded BRA..
__ : coz it's gonna be very painful.
Me : oh =.="

and so I went... Our game was from 8.30pm to 10pm..

The marshall was like.. 'Are you guys ok? Nobody plays paintball at night.. it's a day game..but anyway here's how it is' and then he brief us the way to handle to marker and rules inside the field.

Now I shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Yei Yuen and me after the game, I know I looked noob.

Yei Yuen's injuries

Mel shot my left thumb, blue black already :(

The gang after the game, look at Jeff, he practically 'bathed'.

The Sweet Couple :D

Convey : 'Woi, apa lu buat?'
Me : 'Taking your handsome pic la'


The Game Area

Paintball at night is a whole new experience. It was challenging because it was dark and our mask turned foggy when we sweat. It was quite hard to see your opponents.

Well, although my facial condition turned bad and my hair gone haywire after the game, the game was worth it :).

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