Sunday, August 1, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010 Live in Malaysia

I totally kong-ed out until today.
That's why I didn't blog yesterday.
Why did I kong-ed out?

They are the reason I went to MTV World Stage this year.

Thanks to Tokio Hotel, I don't mind getting drenched in rain and having blisters on the 31st of July 2010 :P.
I could have listen to Bill singing forever!
Every moment of him singing mesmerized me.
Oh well, don't think you guys would want me to tell you where the venue was?
I think everyone can already memorize by heart already.
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach *chant chant chant*

This is him on the super cool bike while performing 'Dog Unleashed'.

Oh did I mention that he brought the suit he wore in 'Darkside of The Sun' official music video for the first song he performed?
So sweet and thoughtful of him!
He knows Malaysia fans are dying to see him in it :)

The wait was a torture, what technical difficulties.
I understand it's for filming it so that can be premiered through MTV, but don't you care bout those of us standing there getting drench in rain water, or even possibly fainting anytime?

What can I say?
All the four members are true musician.
I'm awed by Tom's skill of playing guitar and piano!
and Gustav was drumming all the way til the end!
Not forgetting base guitarist Georg :)
Really I'm that biased towards Tokio Hotel :)
Because I didn't get to see them when they performed in Central Park, One Utama.
I hope they come again for a proper concert.
Then, I will really really try my best to get VIP, so that I would not need to endure all the rain and suffer throughout the concert again.

Oh anyways, yesterday's spending was funded by the sales of the extra World Stage tickets we got :) Thanks again cousin for the awesome meals and coffee hahaha.

There were Wonder Girls, Katy Perry and BunkFace.
Wonder Girls were like what their song says, 'So Hot!'
Especially Yubin and Sohee!
Yubin has really cool eye make up, I'm totally in love...with her make up HAHAHA
They were really pro in dancing too.
I'm just really moved by their effort to keep bouncing in 4-5 inches high heels and yet still singing.
Though at some part can't really hear them, forgivable la since they were jumping and dancing.

They even brought their famous 'Nobody, Nobody but You' dresses.

Katy Perry made us wait long enough too.
But not as long as Tokio Hotel.
I was already half dead while waiting for Katy Perry.
Anyway cut the details, this is Katy Perry!

It's Katy Perry and her candy+banana split theme.
So cute neh~
Special concert costume for Malaysia :)
She doesn't even need to show off her assets.
We already know how gorgeous she is.

She performed 'Peacock'.
Another addictive new song of hers.

Another creative song, now we're not waking up in vegas anymore.
We're just gonna want to see peacock.

Oh well, not as influential as the Kaulitz twins towards me :)
I can't forget them performing 'Forever Now',
not forgetting 'Monsoon', 'Darkside of The Sun' and 'Automatic'.
Everyone totally gone crazy!

Last night concert started off with the four VJs introducing the line up.
as if we don't already know right?
They were just doing their job anyway.
Then there were prizes giveaway.
Taking a while is alright, but the crowds got impatient the moment they kept reappearing to stall time as there were some malfunctioned cameras due to the rain.
My heart feels for them when people start throwing fans towards the stage.

OH YA! New VJ was born last night!
However, the winner was not who I expected it to be.
I supports Kylie :)
Never mind that, Holly deserves it.

So after the concert, it was about 1am already.
Most people went home, but then I went to meet up with my brother and Yei Yuen.
Yei Yuen and I got the post party invites.
This time we get to be VIP :)!
We walked towards Opera, and *boom*
Musics were blasting, Opera was jam-packed.

We went in and each of us got four complimentary drinks voucher.
I redeemed one Vodka and I gave the rest to Yei Yuen, the booze queen xD
Drinking vodka on an empty stomach really wasn't such a good idea.
Especially, that I only had brunch around 2pm.
Starved til 1am only to have vodka down my throat and not food?!
That explained the colour on my face.

Yei Yuen and me
Ignore my smudged eye liner, I looked crazy.

After the vodka, I clearly needed another non-alcoholic drink.
So I tried to redeem a cup of soft drink from the bartender.
The bartender, being a sporting guy, gave me a huge cup of orange juice!

ahh, just what I needed :)

After Yei Yuen finished her collection of booze that she redeemed,
we quickly left because the club were getting more and more crowded :(
Really not much place to stand, and definitely can't dance!
Stomach growling like mad, and I bet my brother half-fainted outside Opera by the side walk.

The VJs were outside Opera shooting.
Interview I guess.
I saw Kylie there!
When she looked my way, I smiled at her!
Then, the unexpected happened.
She smiled back at me.

Okok, I shall not get carried away!
We walked to the nearest mamak and had an awesome dinner over there.

I swear, this is the best Maggi Tom Yum I had ever had in my entire almost-19-years of life!

Just like what Ann said, 'I can't join 30 hours of Famine already.'
Oh well Ann, me too :/
I think I'll totally pass out.

Reached home around 4.30am this morning and I died on my bed after a nice cold shower.

That basically summarized up my first MTV WorldStage experience yesterday.
It's a Wet n Wild ones :)

P.S Some of the pictures in this post were not taken by me, I took them from the websites to smoothen my writing :)

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