Friday, July 30, 2010

The Star Clove 2 Femme City 2010 Exhibition

Anyway today went to KLCC with Yan and Fern.
I drove there for the first time, was agak-agak only.
I really don't know way around KL.
So I just followed the Twin Tower and found my way into KLCC car park heh.

Walked to the convention centre through the beautiful park to meet up with the girls.
Coz Femme City 2010 Exhibition kicks off today at the convention centre.
Time : 11 noon to 7pm

Anyway, there were lots of freebies and flyers given out.
We joined the BFF contest organized by Canon, Fern wrote her name at the back of the picture.
Seriously, I think compact camera damn FAIL.
Yan's baby the MAN!

The entry we submitted.

Um, we didn't really queue, coz they were only *counts 1,2,3* ya 3 of us.
We were so early :/

We get to keep the one on the right!

Went to paste the left one on the giant big wall.


At some point, Fern went and get herself a free henna.
And then Yan for her loli balloon.
Damn cute!
and then at some point, they left me alone T_T.
and the promoters asked me lots of weird questions, I paise :(

The exhibition is three days long.
Which mean it's ongoing until this Sunday!
So, ladies head on down to KLCC now and check it out!


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