Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Coffee Ritual and Friends ♥

Had an impromptu meet up with Form 1 friends today.
All thanks to my dear cousin, Felicia :)
We went to have lunch at Coffee Ritual, SS14, PJ.
I must say, they have one of the best ice blended xD.

Indeed :)

Left for lamb rack and right for crepe.

Yee Kuan ordered a hot Cafe Latte.
It was milky and aromatic.

Iced Honey for the guys.
Came along with their set lunch.

A Wild Tribe Moka for me :)

The same for Felicia, only it's with whipped cream!

So, with or without :)?
They are still the STAR of the day.

Then the food came.

Plain Crepe
I find it simple yet nice.
Very flavorful.

Felicia and Pi Han ordered Fish & Chips.
It looks good :) The fish I mean.
One of the set lunch.

Yee Kuan's Savoury Mushroom and Ham Crepe.
According to her, it was very tasty.

Hon Leong and Tong Keat ordered the same lamb rack for their set lunch.
It was average :)

Overall, a good dining experience.
I'll be sure to go back there for their other sandwiches, snacks, cakes and etc.

We went to watch Tekken afterwards.
It was also an impromptu plan xD.
I find the movie so-so only.
Ah, it's ok, at least I watched it.
Took some pictures with the girls!


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