Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Hi I've been neglecting my blog.
It's not like I want it actually, I have a lot of things to blog about.
However there are a few obstacles.
Firstly, my laptop is being a pain in the ass you know.
and I always have no connection.
What's worse, I can't really sync my iPhone to my laptop.
Currently just waiting for my new laptop to arrive.
This laptop is really gone case already.
If I were to bring this laptop to uni, I'm doomed really.

Anyway, result is out today.
Can't say I'm happy or sad.
Just relieved bah, due to the level of difficulty for Physics.
I was expecting to fail that particular subject.
Well, thank God I did not.
So I guess little things do matter huh?

Now it feels like a big stone is being lifted off my shoulders.
I can finally lift them up and move forward.
All I can do now is continue watching my drama, and researching other available options while waiting for uni to reply me then.

Toodles peeps!
Congrats to everyone who got what they wished for :)
and to those who didn't, don't have to feel sad.
It's just a bump on the road of life, it's not the end of the world.
Life goes on, so why not smile and face it?

You only have one life.
The big guy up there will always watch your back for you, no matter what :)
Have faith in him and do what you ought to do.

Go bungee jump, parachute or whatever.
Do what you want to do!
Luck peeps :D

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