Friday, August 27, 2010

Ber-Going The Distance with Nuffnang

Finally it's the day of the special screening of Going The Distance at GSC Mid Valley.
Thanks to Nuffnang and this, I got a pair of tickets for the screening :)

In case you don't really know bout the movie, here's the trailer :)

Laughing yet :P?

So we got there around 6.40pm.
After pondering for a while, decided to eat at La Manila Cafe.

Girls Night Out!

Then we window-shopped for a bit.

'I was just looking around for nice purse :PP'

YAY! Gots Ze Tix! & Ze badge iz qute!

She's so adorable :DD


Both of us xD

30% of popcorn disappeared even before the movie starts.
Ya, good job.

Oh anyway, Going The Distance is awesome.
Peeps, whether you are straight, gay, old, young, single, in a relationship, married etc etc. PLEASE DON'T STICK AROUND, GO AND BUY A TICKET AND WATCH THE SHOW!

No, I'm not studying tonight, I'm going TURBO mode tomorrow onwards.

Toodles :)

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