Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Don't get me wrong, I love reading vampires novels.
But, you know screen adaptation is just too much of mushiness.
I mean I really hate the indecisive Bella in Twilight series.
How can she love cold blooded Edward and hot bodied Jacob all at once?

Make up your mind already.
and it's not nice to want the best of both world.
I have also always read that vampires can turn into bats, or that vampires suck their victims dry, or that they are totally cold blooded, as in they are supposed to have no feelings!
and then, through movies like Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood a totally different idea was introduced.

Whereas in Vampire Diaries, Elena is always torn between Damon and Stefan.
and if she really loves Stefan so much, why get so mushy with Damon?
I mean, your heart is for Stefan and Stefan only, Elena.
Why would you FORGET Stefan and get really cosy and romantic with Damon?
Don't blame me, I'm a fan of Stefan-Elena pairing.
I can really hate Elena at times, for being so disloyal towards Stefan :(

Last but not least, the True Blood series.
Through the dramas, I was given the concept that, vampires can get a type of drinks called 'True Blood' from bars.
They are even acceptable in public.
and then, there are even jobs like DRAINERS.
HELLO? Aren't vampires supposed to be strong enough to kill just about anything?
Then how come there are drainers out there that's capable of seizing them and draining their blood??

I got really confused lol.
Basically, vampires suck because there's no proof that they exist in this world.
It's all just a myth anyway.
Get real and start living.
I think people should stop hoping to bump into those attractive beings :)

A new film titled 'Vampire Sucks' is hitting the cinema soon.
To be exact, it's gonna be in the cinema on the 25th of August 2010.
As such, Nuffnang is giving out tickets for fellow Glitterati nuffnangers to catch the movie a day before it's official release date.

Edward, the funky version :D!

Thanks Nuffnang, and thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia.
I can't wait to watch this movie in cinema, with my fellow vampire-movies-hating friends :)
we still prefer reading the novels

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