Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Special Screening of The Descent : Part Two and Alexis at Mid Valley City

After reading a salivating review about Alexis from here , and also after ignoring Yin's birthday post, I can't bring myself to ignore Alexis any longer.

Gave in to temptation and dined at Alexis :)

Alexis was blogged to death by countless bloggers and still is being blogged.
This place is famous for its interior, bar, food, ambience and friendly waiters.
The interior, I'm sure most of you have looked into it.
So I would not post up the pictures anymore.
Time for the salivating pictures of food.
Not many as there were only two of us.

These were what the two of us ordered.

Honeydew juice

Apple Lime juice

Angelhair Aglio Olio

Chocolate Bittersweet cake

Quality-wise and taste-wise were five star :)
Star of the night was no doubt, the cake.
Although I did not get to try the Valrhona Chocolate Macadamian Nut Tart that I came for, I did not regret.

Bill summed up to RM 85.70.
Totally worth the price.

Tonight was the night of the screening of The Descent : Part 2.

The brave May with the movie passes

I'm brave too :P

The movie was downright scary and gorish.
Lots of blood and flesh.
What made it scary was the sound effect.
Did not watch Part One (or is there one?), but still got the story line.
Nonetheless, I think it's not that disturbing.
Still acceptable lah :)

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