Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orianthi at KL Live 2010

Hi, I was at Orianthi's showcase at KL Live.
Jammed for a bit and got there around 7.50pm.
Met the Blond Terror a.k.a Premorianthi, along with Jules.
We also met a friend, Caroline a.k.a the Traffic Officer.

Greeted by the sight of Premorianthi and Jules, surrounded by fans of Fly FM.

Walked to the back and started queue-ing up to enter KL Live.

Then KL Live I is entered de nehhhh~!!!!
Went in to ze Rock Zone a.k.a Mosh Pit.
Woots, I was in the second row :D
It was a free standing event BTW.

Ze opening act, another very talented girl :D

Hunny Madu from Fly FM for intro :D

Waited for a bit, then 8.45pm.

ORIANTHI with a purple guitar

to a gold one and then to a guitar with a woody look xD

She's in trance mode.

She's taking all ze fan made posters and cards :D

Any guys would have fell head over heels for her at that moment.

Getting in the mood with another guitarist

Totally trance mode, laid on the floor and still jamming.

Kneeling down and jamming like crazy.

This is the part where the crowd screamed the loudest.

She performed about roughly ten songs I think.
Including her hit songs like 'According to you' and 'Shut Up and Kiss Me'.
She did a cover too, my brother said it's Led Zeppelin.
I'm not too sure :(

Happy people leaving KL Live with Orianthi's guitar pin at 10pm

Orianthi, I'm officially your fan :D


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