Monday, August 9, 2010

Shasha's Farewell @Haruzen, IOI Boulevard

You know what people always say?
That time seem to crawl when you have no commitment?
For me, that's not true.
That's because nowadays, even though I don't work and all I do is bum around, time flies for me.
All I know is, result is in 3-4 days time, and Shasha's the first one flying off.
In other words, the first one of PE1 off to chase her yume (dream) :)

So, we had a little farewell for her at Jun Yit's Dad's Japanese Restaurant at Puchong Jaya.
It's a restaurant called Haruzen situated in IOI Boulevard, opposite IOI Mall.
It's a shop specialized in Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki.
Matthew took me around Puchong for an adventure LOL, Puchong is indeed a busy city, for if you miss a U-turn, you find yourself in another jam spot!

We reached Haruzen around 8pm.
The second one of the gang to reach.

The exterior of the shop

Sat down and took us a while to decide on what to order.

Shall not delay and start showing off the food :)
Pardon the poor quality for I took all the pictures very quickly with my Apple.
Everyone was starving.

Salmon Sashimi
5 pieces of springy and elastic salmon, very fresh and it's a 'thumb-up' dish.

see how thick is it?

Squid Sashimi
Lai ordered this, looked nice to me.

Maguro Sashimi
Truly for tuna lover.

and the highlight dishes a.k.a Okonomiyaki

Batu Dama
Pork Belly Okonomiyaki

Maguro Dama
Tuna Okonomiyaki

Mixed Dama
if I'm not wrong, it's Mixed Okonomiyaki

Daikon Salad
White Radish and Tuna Salad

Baked Cheese Tofu

Unagi Kabayaki


Seafood in Aluminium Foil

Fried Udon
It's for people who prefers their noodle fried with lots of vege.

Tempura Udon
Basically, it's Udon in soup with tempura as side dish.

Soba Meshi
Fried Rice with Egg and Noodle
It's the bomb :D

Ding ordered white rice to eat with all those side dishes he ordered.

Ding passing me the Gohan so that I can take the picture :D

Kwang and Pet's version of couple set :D

A closer look of the yummylicious chawanmushi!

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner.
Company was good, food was fresh and tasty.

The bill came up to this.

Worth the money :)

and then it was 10pm and time to chao :(

Lai was telling story to Jun Yit hahaha!

I shall dream of sashimi tonight :D
*wipes off my saliva*

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