Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet and Greet with Phua Chu Kang

I've never thought that I would win myself Meet and Greet passes to meet any stars, because I just don't really have the luck.
Yesterday, I submitted an entry to Mix FM for the Meet and Greet with Phua Chu Kang contest, and I was selected as one of the 8 lucky winners.

They sent me details via e-mail, I needed to bring a partner so I decided to bring Yei Yuen :).
I went to Ritz Carlton Hotel for the Meet & Greet session today.
Schedule is as following :

PRIVATE GATHERING (Cobalt 6, Level 1, Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur)

6.30pm - Arrival of winners and guests – BE ON TIME!

7.00pm - Emcee to greet winners and brief about gathering

- Chit chat about the movie

- Games

- Prize presentation

- Autograph session

8.00pm - END

GALA PREMIERE (GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)

8.30pm - Guest to enter Halls

9.00pm - Appearance of ARTISTES at THX Foyer

- Chit chat about the movie

- Toasting ceremony

9.30pm - Movie Starts

Anyway, we reached a little late which was around 7.10pm.
and still the meet and greet session had not started.
Due to the traffic in KL I supposed.
So we played around with our compact cameras.
Don't have the big babies like the other people over there :/

Yei Yuen with her sticker :D

I sticked mine on my bag :D

Below are the photos of roughly what happened during the Meet and Greet.

The Stage from where I was seated.

Royce from MY FM and Serena C from Mix FM as emcee of the night.

PCK fanatic with Nippon mascot.

Team 1 which won the acting game.
Ah pek as Rosie, kid as PCK and indian as Henry Thia.

The cast with the PCK fanatic little girl.

and then it was 8pm, the crews were shoo-ing us off to the next venue which was the GSC Pavillion as there would be more events over there.
However, we did not proceed to GSC as we were already starving madly.
Also, the movie starts late :( I have curfew.
We decided to forgo the movie and went to eat instead.
It was indeed the best dinner ever :)

You Tiao Set B + Fried Bun (RM 5.30)

Kimchi Ramyun (RM 9.50)

Thai Fried Rice Set (RM 12.90)

I always love Food Republic.

Read more about PCK The Movie here
Thank you Mix FM for the passes :)

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Thristhan said...

Can't wait to watch this movie. Hopefully it's as good as the series.

ken said...

you didnt take personal photo with them? =)

Jolyn said...

ken : I shy :P

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