Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today, went for Eclipse and lunch @Delicious with May, Gek and Wyn.
Talked it out for about 3 hours with them, that was what I really needed.

Eclipse was so-so, a bit of a disappointment if compared to the book.
Oh well, fiction are always better in words, rather than portrayed in film.
Another words, I think the supporting actors were way good looking.
Oh well, just my opinion.

Other than that, was really glad to meet Wyn again.
It's been ages since I last saw him.
Apparently he's in Melbourne University doing Engineering now.
Looking good too.
All the best to them.
Time flies and people move on.
That's life.
I end my post here, time to get ready to go to the bus station.

I didn't ask for that. Sometimes I wonder, what make us this way?
This distance, that could never be measured.
Which only widens and widens day by day.
I could no longer hold back, I won't do anything anymore.
I still have my respect for you, but other than that, no more.
The frustration that I had to suppress, words can never describe.
I can't stand it anymore, I'll be who I wanna be and who I am.
Yea, that's cause I learned it from you.
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