Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pre Singapore Trip Update

Hmm, my weekend was busy and task-filled.
However the blogging mojojojo is lazy to talk bout it.

Anyway, I'm gonna take the 12.45 noon flight to Singapore tomorrow.
Hoping that it would be a smooth journey over there :)
This will be my first time going to Singapore on Fireflyz.
Haha, that's because only Fireflyz land in Subang Skypark :(
Nearer to my home.

Hope that I didn't leave anything behind, gonna complete packing tomorrow.
I'm not really excited for the trip, because daddy has been pretty moody.
I'm pretty exhausted trying to lift the mood.
Gonna give up trying, but I will not give up on him.
Hmm, six more days to Worldstage :)

Oh ya, and I watched Shanghai today in Pavillion.
It was kinda boring, I yawn and yawn lol.
Inception is more of my type of show :P

P.S Happy Birthday again Wei Kwang!

P.P.S I will be back by next week :), stay tune for Singapore update!

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