Friday, July 2, 2010

Of people, beach and sun.

It all started with the wonderful existence of a sun paradise somewhere up north of the land of Malaysia.

Something beautiful always exist somewhere far far away.

Hey yo peepos I'm back to the land of Internet and technology!
Redang was awesome, a sun paradise!
The first picture above was taken with my Apple, surprisingly it didn't fail me at that moment.
I love this pic a lot, it reminds me of a lot of things that I shall appreciate and be grateful for.
Therefore, this is my current wallpaper :)
I was with awesome people, and lots of sun and sand and FUN.
Everyday there was a gift and a dream.

As I want to word it out to you what happened in Redang, so this is gonna be a wordy post and not much pictures will be up :).

Why not much pictures?
1. It will all be people and beach and sun.
2. I want to write xD.
3. Some pics are still not up on the web yet.
4. Just stay tune to Facebook peeps :)


All of us met up at Taylor's College SS15 AROUND 4am.
Once we settled down in the van, we were off to LCCT.
At 4am, most people were still asleep, but our van was as noisy as night market.
Everyone was really excited and crazy.
Apparently, most of them were watching football and stayed up til meet up time.

Fast forward to LCCT :)
We settled in McD while waiting for Matthew to settle the boarding passes and check in.

My airplane seatmate turned out to be Lai.
The flight was 50 minutes long but it felt like only 10 minutes had passed.

Lai and me
You know why the time seem so short la ha :P

We talked the whole journey.
Even Pet and Kwang were complaining that we talked so loud xD.

and then we reached Terengganu :)

First group picture without Pet as she was the camerawoman.

We stayed in Laguna Redang Resort.
Matthew, Chua, Wei Wen, Shasha and me went for the first snorkelling trip in the open sea.
It was a totally different experience from my first snorkeling trip in Banana Island, Phuket.
The view wasn't as amazing though, however we get to take pictures with the sea organisms.

Nemo and me

It took quite an effort for me, the cameraman and the helper to take this picture.
The cameraman had to standby in the water to wait for the nemo to appear, the helper had to press me down deeper into the ocean so that I could be near the nemo. As for me, I drank a few mouthful of extra salty seawater as I was being pressed down further into the water.
That explained the funny expression I had on my face xD.
Good exercise indeed.

Later, the rest of them woke up from their nap and we went to the beach.
Activities were beach volleyball, burying Likky in the sand and beach stroll :)

Pet and Me
while the guys burying Likky :X

We were strolling down the beach

At night it was Mahjong, Monopoly Deal, Poker and One Litre of Tears in the guys room.
I think I lost Two Litres of Tears instead :X.
I remember watching the drama til 5am in the morning, until Ding offed the laptop because he cannot tahan already xD.


Basically, we just did nothing.
Thanks to the previous night filled with entertainment but SLEEP, we skipped breakfast and had lunch instead.
After lunch, we went to the beach and sunbathed for a good four hours.
We had ice cream too!

My two roommates and sunbathing gang :)

After that, I went back to bath and changed into my swimsuit.

Then the things we did were :
Banana Boat
Sea Dipping

Brian got so hooked onto playing with my kite that he sorta hogged my kite for a long time lol.
I ended up dipping myself in the sea with the girls and the guys instead.
Banana Boat was one of the most awesome water sport ever.
It's even more extreme that snorkeling and roller coaster ride.
Our boat only capsized once compared to the other 2 gangs :P
Not bad for first timer, I'll definitely want to try it again.
Never mind the sprained neck and feet, and also the sore thigh :X

The BBQ dinner was awesome!
Arrays of food, food and food!
It was totally heavenly for the famished PE1-ians :P


Time to leave :(
After the awesome breakfast, strolled the beach for a bit and went to More More Tea Inn.
Ate somemore ice cream and played somemore Monopoly Deal.
Walked to the jetty and left Redang around 12noon.
Reached Kuala Terengganu and had lunch in Chinatown.

The so called Chinatown is basically, just one street.
There were frozen food shop, liquor shop, BKT shop and a hawker shop for as far as I could remember.
We camped in the hawker store for lunch and Monopoly Deal.
Had somemore ice cream AGAIN.

We left the hawker shop around 5 and were sent to a resting home.
It's basically a place where tourist rest while waiting to be sent off to airport.

Rested there for 1 and a half hour and then the bus dropped us off at the airport.
Had dinner at the one and only cafeteria in the entire airport.
Not to mention, the food was sucks LOL.
The cafeteria worker shoo-ed the guys off after they have finished their meals.
I think it's coz they were the only food shop, therefore they didn't want the guys to be occupying their spaces.

We camped at the airport until 10.50pm.
Our flight was supposed to be 9.20pm.
1 and a half hour of delayed time due to the bad weather in KL.
It was raining cats and dogs :(

By the time we boarded the airplane, it was already 11pm.
My seatmate was Lai again xD.
This time, Brian joined us.
Again, we talked thruout the whole journey.
Time passed in a blink of an eye.

My heart was exceptionally happy when I landed in LCCT.
Farmiliar ground, farmiliar faces, and farmiliar shops.
I would never live in places other than cities.
The lack of Internet, technology and MALLS, really killing me softly.
Nonetheless, the past 3 days was indeed one of the best time of my life.

Thank you PE1, I will definitely miss you guys.
Have fun in the Ipoh and Penang food trip next week guys!

I shall recharge fully until my next trip to Tioman Island on the 8th of July.

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